Friday, March 23, 2018

My Brother Mike Called This "Hospital" Today -- Apparently Trying to PREVENT MY BEING RELEASED!!!

Michael William Kenan, Taylor Ann Kenan, Connor Michael Kenan, Gail Ann (Godley) Kenan, and Maxwell Andrew Kenan -- in Florence, Italy, on a two-week luxury vacation to celebrate Tayler's UNC Chapel Hill graduation, summer 2016.

To MY knowlege, only Tayler and Gail have NOT had homosexual adventures.


Even D.A. Benjamin R. David of Wilmington, NC has had boyfriends, one of whom I know VERY WELL!!!

And the ODD THING TODAY, is that my shrink told me that my brother Mike had called them to say he thinks I am secretly NOT taking my meds and also claimed I WON'T take my meds when out of here.

As all my Readers and my Doctor KNOW, I was committed -- apparently -- by Jonathan Deputy, maybe with associates of his, the day after I filed Cyberstalking Charges against Jonathan, so my being here is under WIERD circumstances, so also all my "Treatment", and as my Shrink knows, I will discuss all this with my regular Doctor when I have my big annual check-up in two weeks, and determaine where to go from there.

1. Mike was concerned that I have HURT my mother by my honesty with her two days ago when we last spoke -- honesty that she has been trying to commit me to mental hospitals REPEATEDLY because I am Gay and because I don't submit to her "Lithium Lobotomies", sometimes succeeding, but she NEVER tried to do so to Mike, who has had at least ONE gay thing that he told me about and MANY men fall in love with him and declare love -- the first when he was in mid-twentis, the latter in high school -- and at THAT time, Mike slit his wrists, but like a girl, not enough to require stitches -- LOL!!!

Mike's two sons never dated women to speak of, Connor 30 years old and Max is now 27, but FINALLY dating a woman and seriously.

MOST Kenan men are gay or bi, and Thomas S. Kenan III, now heading Kenan Companies and Charities, is gay and he and I both dated Curtis "Robbie" Anderson in the mid-1980s.

2. Mike left as head of refinery accounting of Sun Oil Company SUNOCO about five years ago when they sold off their refineries -- and even TODAY when I asked he REFUSES to say which oil company he works for doing the same. When I guessed it is Chevron, her REFUSED to confirm or deny that -- and got ANGRY!!!

I tell you with all HONESTY, that even thogh Ben David was part of the group that stole my Copyright to my Tennessee Williams memoir that was being considered o be made into a movie:, I will stand with Ben David in BUSTING CORRUPTION.

Ben David being sworn in for the first time -- about 12 years ago.

Ben David is ALWAYS respectful of me -- and ALWAYS has a great sense of HUMOR -- unlike my Swstika-Associated Family.

As a FINAL NOTE, my Shrink DISMISSED my brother's claims -- as the evidence of me TAKING MY MEDS is so OBVIOUS to her -- if not to my BULLY BROTHER MIKE, who is JUST LIKE HIS MAMA!!!



Wednesday, March 21, 2018

VICTORY in My DREAMS!!! / My Mother -- Who Has NOT Allowed Me to Visit Her in Two Years -- Tonight Said Jonathan Deputy is CORRECT About Me -- and I NEED a LONG COMMITMENT, I Am GAY and That Is AGAINST GOD'S LAW!!!

District Attorney Benjamin R. David
Ben David and I PROVED the Drug Corruption of the Sheriff and Police Chief and Mayor here in Wilmington -- in my DREAMS -- whilest in REALITY, I am still committed to "The Oaks Nut House" -- but am told I will be released Monday with a slight possibility of today.
* * *

Me and Mom two years ago.
I called Mom to let her know that Dr.Triggs has changed her tune, TRIPLED the anti-psychotic, and now denies the good reports of many staff about me, and is more vague about when I meight leave -- even saying I don't sleep when I do (according to staff who look in all night on all here, and say if I'm turned to the far side, I'm awake since they don't see my eyes).
Momo, who has tried to have me committed manytimes since finding out I'm Gay back in 1973, and succeeding in 1978 and 2012 --through Wilmingtonians wher she and Dad with others set up the Drug Mafia with Fr. Bob Kus, John Ehrlichman, etc. Mom was THWARTED in 2010 in Georgia when my sisters Jane and Julie helped as well as Patrick Stansbury of, who distributes illegal drugs from Maine to Florida -- at least back then with Lee E. Gosney, Jr., a CLOSE friend of my father in 1990, and who recently also cahrged me with molesting young guys like Jonathan Deputy did -- and now Jon is charged with Cyberstalking me -- and maybe I'll take charges out against Lee Gosney as well when I get out of here.
Tonight, I told Mom about the changes to my statuw, she said she is CERTAIN if I stay committed and voluntarily or by FORCE take anti-psychotics, and she hopes it will EVENTUALLY help me, because I am SO SICK!!!
I thanked her for the FIRST TIME in her life being HONEST with me, she still LOVING HER SWASTIKAS and Catholic Faith, which HATES GAY PEOPLE, but the Cathoic PEOPLE are far more loving and exceed the average acceptance of GAYS of Protestants -- even most of the most Liberal Protestant denominations.
I told Mom I have had TOO FABULOUS A LIFE to freak out no matter WHAT is done to silence me -- even death or being kept comatose, like Patrick Stansbury did to his yourger gay and develpmentally-disabled brother Michael keeping him in a state institution drugged so he just drools -- until Lee Gosney got custody and gave Michael a good life.
Anyway, Jon Deputy, Gold Walker, and Patrick Stansbury should call my mother to offer her their support in this commitment of me. God is Love, but they know not what that is: (919) 231-XXXX.
My brother Mike should probably give up trying to help me -- Mom and HER allies are more Politically Powerful. I'll just figure out my best options.
I DID tell Mom I hope I never see her again -- she has dissuaded me the last several times I wasgoing to drive up to visit. There is NO REASON to pretend she loves me, and I must give up my hope of her accepting a GAY SON.

The two who first prescribed for me here at the former "The Oaks":
An Oldie But Goodie:
Enough for tonight -- The Kenan Family, Donald Trump, and all these O{THER HIGH CHRISTIANS can fuck themselves for all I care, screwme TOTALLY, and throw away the KEY.
I will NEVER Lie, be Violent, or a Traitor to GOD, COUNTRY, or TRUE FAMILY.

From the EMAILBAG -- a Question about My Committment

Dear Curious Pennsylvania Reader:

No one has told me that -- except that the cops who picked me up (they sent EIGHT cops to my house to do that -- despite my being 66 years old, and an unarmed writer on heaert meds -- that a Superior Court Judge's Secretary signed the Commitment that was talken out by someone who claimed I'd been yelling and scaring people where I live. I DID scare people in late December when I hollared at Pete and Allie in Apartment Two who had let about eight underaged kids get drunk and were screaming, even falling down the stairs to the upper apartment until after 4:00 AM on a Monday morning, and instead of caling down kept it up, I hollaring twice between 2:30 - 4:00 AM.

Soon, apartment manager Jonathan Deputy came by to threaten to take care of me if I don't move out -- and claim I ws not allwed to speak to anyone else in the building. Allie had already sold me a gram of pot three times for tn=en dollars a pop -- part of her stash that she and others claim she bakes into cookies and other pastries. It was later that Jon said he had a lot of people who would testify in Court to all my crimes, and also it was later that I heard that Pete sold harder drugs and Gallimore told me of his and a crack whore (Aaron's words), Leah were doing CRACK and that he, Aaron was doing LSD and selling unnamed drugs. Aaron also claimed that Pete's car had been seen next-door at the house the FBI, Sheriff's Deputies, and Police were watching for their hard-drug sales, several times.

Generally (after the drunk underaged kids), I've had no problems with John Gray Hunter in Apartment Three, or Allie, Kelsey, and Kelsey's girlfriend in Apartment Two. Rob in Apartent One has sold me pot (more than a month ago), and offered to get it in volume -- which I did NOT take him up on.

The cops said someone claimed that I have been yelling and scaring evey one and that this blog-posting was PROOF that I might shoot people up, but Jon Deputy PROMISED he had people who would lie in Court to testify about my crimes. Less tha a week ago, he emailed a demand for $800.00, that he apparently thinks if I don't pay him, he can evict me while I am in hospital. DRAMA from a Tennessee Williams-trained writer whose blog has WELL over 1,000,000 hits, but hardly any kind of threat from someone who never owned a gun and has never in his life been violent (me).

But Jon must know that no one's lies would hold up in Court against someone as smart as me.

All Readers know that ONLY this hospital -- formerly called "The Oaks", now New Hanove Bahaioral Hospital, has seen fit to hold me in 2011 (after convicted CRACK Distributor Gerald Ausin-Wynn and Brenda McKnight committe me via Judge Sandra Ray (whose husband Sherman Lee Criner, was caught about ten years ago playing with a girl's vagina in Thalian Hall, but Police intimidated the father into NOT filing charges, as the Criners were were "good Christians" and JudgeSandra was soon elected Head of the County Republican Party. Then, a few years ago, I published a photo of Sherman Lee Criner in Christian Snake Handling, that FORCED the Judge to DIVORCE him:

THIS time, I am committedby what I still only ASSUME was Jon Deputy's work -- the DAY AFTER I filed Criminal Cyberstalking charges, so BOTH times it ws by criminals (not they conviced, althought Mr. Deputy DOES have some convictions from years ago).

TODAY, Dr. Julia Triggs,, told me she TRIPLEDthe heavy anti-psychotic because despite her telling me how well I'm doing, she thinks I need more heavy anti-psychotics, and now is sounding like she plans to keep me here into next week -- like a Repubican moving the goal posts AGAIN.

My asking about the Risperdal, she said, is a aign of PARANOIA, and she STILL has never heard of long-term problems to teeth and organs from Lithium. And of course they are now monitoring my blog -- LOL!!! I will wait a day or two to see how this continues to develaop. They calim I have not been sleeping the last couple of days --but I've actualy slept GREAT, after previous problems.

I don't want to jump to conclusions,but she also, today,claimed the cops said I was NOT cooperative and intake thought I REALLY needed to stay her a while -- unlike what both groups told me. I suppose they think I had auditory hallucinations now, too. Well:

So my mother, who has tried and successfully gotten me jailed or committed MANY times, iw where they get the BACK-BONE of their claims -- because Catholic Mom never believed homosexuality was ALLOWED BU GOD and has a problem with the truth of the Swastikas she raised us with. Mom, Dad, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Father Bb Kus of St. Mary's Catholic (retiring later this month to Honduras, set up the Drug Mafia here in the 1980s and 1900s. My sibblings simply agree with all of this, exceptMile, Jane and Julie denying it -- while also helping to TRY to commit me the five times they were unsuccessful in spring 2010 -- then Colin Powell's ChiefProtocaol Officer Col, Dottie Newman got me to MEico for Political Exile.

As MANY not-doctors emplyees at this hospital have said, I will have TONS to write about when I DO get out eventually -- if I do, short of a LOBOTOMY -- LOL!!!


-----Original Message-----

To: 'Scott Kenan' <>
Sent: Wed, Mar 21, 2018 2:08 pm
Subject: RE: Blogging on an ANCIENT computer from a NUT HOUSE -- and laughing about what my FUTURE holds LOL!!!
I still don’t know what happened to put you in there. I’ll wait til you get out for the full story.

The RISPERDAL Mystery!!!


Yesterday, Dr. Triggs said I was doing extremely well, and had no intention of changing my meds -- but ordered an EKG, because the two who had set up my med plan NEVER ordered an EKG -- essential for someone like me who has a bad case of arhythmia -- and she told me that Risperdal -- a HEAVY anti-psychotic -- can damage the heart and CAUSE arrhythmia.
Then TODAY, she inexplicably TRIPLED my Risperdal -- AFTER at least one other staff member who has no training in writing nor appreciation of art -- and redership of my blog has been peaking, lately, said that my blog is now MUCH BETTER since coming here and getting on meds. I had told this person (Anne a nurse who has worked here for years), that I would SUE not Dr. Triggs, but the two others, for putting me on a drug that might harm my heart further -- and I was givein NO explanation for this change. It appears it is to make a case so I cannot sue, but that is NOT true, so I will not worry about it and consult with my own doctor when out of this hospital.

This is ALL getting wierder and wierder, but it will be FAR more fun in Courts -- I assure you -- LOL!!!
And now I am waiting to see Dr. Triggs, and will report on her reason for doing this ass soon as I can.
Nurse Anne also claims my writing is more organized -- which is true as this hospital computer is so outdated that it keeps freezing and I have to refresh it about six times per LINE of text. For THAT reason, I cannot put but about 10% of what I hope to into a posting due to it taking so much time (and would frustrate the MOST patient patient).
ONE thing I keep forgetting to report about my Spofford Circle neighborhood is that a nieghbot pointed out the live audio/video feed to Sheriff Ed McMahon's OFFICE!!! No one would know where it is -- but from a GREAT PLACE to record Drug Deals -- THANK GOD!!!


Where I Am -- Physically Still in The Oaks Nut-House -- Mentally Soon to CASH IN on the Crimes Committed Against Me by Jon Deputy and Others!!!


Copyright was STOLEN in 2012 by New Hanover County, NC District Attorney Benjamin R. David with his associate Jeffrey Duncan, Chicago Lawyer and Fox News Talking Head Daliah Saper, and Jamie Lee Sutherland, an exec of Wells Fargo, now with Ameriprise Financial, Chicago. WF Chicago got the Highest Fine in US History for laundering Drug Money in 2010 -- the year Jamie and I knew each other and the year he claims I did and got me convicted for "Libel" for blogging about his Drug Trafficking in Puerto Vallarta -- WITHOUT Legally Serving me -- and then I was Tried without being allowed to Defend myself.

Ben David of Wilmington may pay the HIGHEST PRICE for this. ALL my copyrights were given to Jamie including of my Blog Postings, Emails, until I DIE!!! And my Williams memoir that had noting to do with it.

Here at The Oaks Mental Ward, all is going GREAT -- and I now am aware that my shrink, Dr. Triggs and NOTHING to do with putting me on meds that AGGREVATE my arhythmia -- but two others did that and FORCED me to stay here, although all cops, intake and other personel kept saying I would NOT be here overnight, I was TOO SANE!!!

I will SUE them and possibly the hospital when I get out, likely in two days.

I will SUE whoever got a Superior Judge's SECRETARY (possibly unbeknownwst to the Judge, as is ALLOWED in NC soi that anyone can commit virtually anyone), and whoever complained -- likely Jonathan Deputy and his emplyer, Gold Walker.

I will soon be RICH!!!

I especially want to thank my brother Mike -- for his understanding -- and my mother Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, 95 years old and a totally HATEFUL NAZI/Catholic Bitch for repetedly proving her HATRED of me for my entire life -- since I came out GAY to her in 1973. There is a REASON my mother had Catholic Swastikas on our dinner plates!!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Regarding: Demand for Payment -- and Attempt to Evict me after Illegally Committing Me to The Oaks Mental Ward -- Because I Brought Cyberstalking Charges Against Jon Deputy the Day Before!!!)

Today, the hospital said they can STOP any Legal Actions against me until after I am released -- and will get in touch with Jon Deputy, the Courts, or whomever to do so if necessary, so impossible to Evict me while I'm here. They are AWARE that Jon Deputy probably committed me, after promising to put me somewere to medicate me and to be able to corroborate that I molested young boys in Mexico -- the MAIN basis for the charge of Cyberstalking that I filed against him the day BEFORE he aparently commmittted me here -- in RETALIATION, possibly with landlady Gold Walker's support.

My doctor said if things continue as they have gone, I will be released as early as this Friday, March 23. NO THERAPY -- including drugs -- will change my dedication to exposing criminals in Wilmington and elsewhere -- including where I live.

My Socal Worker got a call from my brother about all these things and just arrived and I need to speak with her.




Monday, March 19, 2018

Jonathan Deputy DEMANDS MONEY without showing CAUSE -- after ILLEGALLY Committing Me to The Oaks Mental Ward!!!

Mr. Deputy, D.A. Ben David, Mayor Saffo, Gold Walker, my family, and others:

First of all, you have no reason to bill me -- nor do you offer any or proof of any -- or actual reason.

This past Thursday evening, I filed Criminal Charges against you for Cyberstalking for several reasons, including your emailing me after I told you to stop -- three more times harassing me -- including claims of pasting in verbatim an email sent anonymously from someone in Puerto Vallart who claimed falsely I molested young boys there and that was why I returned to the USA, and this "person" (it was written in your own writing voice), even claimed that person had been in contact with at least two people at 1210 Spofford Circle.

That would not likely be John Gray Hunter in apartment 3, but likely someone in apartment 2 and in apartment 1 -- individuals in BOTH of those apartemtns sold illegal drugs which I can prove in Court, and landlady Gold Walker asked me to help rid her apartments of drug sellers, so I blogged about that very recently and you can see SOME of my proof there. You physically harassed me saying you are kicking me out because of that -- and ALSO never approved some of the residents of numbers 2 and 3, so they would be in violation of this clause.

After I filed the charge with a middle-aged black Magistrate last Thursday, she was convinced that Cyberstalking (and possibly other crimes of you against me could be easily proven in
Court). I allerted Gold Walker to this also more than once, so if Gold supports you she might be in Legal Collusion with you.

Then -- and I do not have all the details yet --t YOU appear to have gotten a Committment Order from a Superior Court Judge's secretary (not signed by a Judge), just like my roommate Brenda got on testimory of her CRACK dealer Gerald Austin-Wynn (soon in SC prison for years on Drug Distribution charges), got me committed in 2011, on testimony from Judge Sandra Ray then also Criner, and immediately also on Gerald's word got a Restraining Order so I could not even get my belongings when I got out. I am not mentally ill in any case.

Sit tight as I will soon be released and we can sort all these isues out on Court.

Thank you.
Scott David Kenan

-----Original Message-----
From: Jonathan Deputy <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Fri, Mar 16, 2018 1:13 pm
Subject: Demand for Payment

Let this email serve as notice of demand for the $800 for your violation of #14 of your lease. Please remit this money immediately, as outlined in your lease.

Jon Deputy
Property Manager, NC Broker # 248342
Sun Coast Vacation Rentals