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King Henry II of England, Milord??? What a KICKER to Hear About -- on a ALMOST-SNOWY Wilmington, NC Night!!!

An illuminated diagram showing Henry II and the heads of his children; coloured lines connect.

To: Sheree' Gay Griffin 

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Sorry to have waited so long, but I had a LOT TO DO!!! 

Please see my latest (and I GOT BACK my close family -- if not the "richies")

And only just now -- sitting down to write you -- and REFRESHING my memory about Henry II, this is PRECISELY where the rich Kenans -- but not me -- CLAIM FALSELY to be related to you. You see, the "Royal Lineage" that was fabricated for the 1967 original edition of The Kenan Family includes through Charlemagne, some Dukes of Normandy, the Norman Kings and later the Stuarts of Scotland (and England). ALSO includes TWO Magna Carta Sureties -- a father and son team, Roger "The Good" de Clare, and Richard de Clare -- as well as a Chief Justice of Great Britain.

Problem is, Marie DeLamar -- hired by the rich Kenans to update the book for hardcover release by Mercer University Press 1999, PROVED that the immigrant Thomas Kenan married an Elizabeth Johnston, who was NOT the daughter of NC Royal Governor Gabriel Johnston(e), so the Kenans were more "plebeian"

This Family Crest was MADE UP by them with all the PERFECT symbols and colors to MESMERIZE royalty-worshipers, and even though it is PROVEN  not to be REAL, Thomas S. Kenan III decided to use it ANYWAY all over Kenan Charities, etc. Tom Kenan took over after his BONA-FIDE KLANSMAN father, Frank Hawkins Kenan died in 1996.

That said, my brother Michael William Kenan's mother-in-law, Ann (something) Godley, actually IS descended from Gov. Johnston, so my nephew and niece are related to you, have that line, etc. They ALSO have the Cherokee blood from my father's people -- MOST auspicious sign, in my opinion.

But the lazy Kenans also know that tracing backward from Charlemagne (which I easily did on Wikipedia years ago), it traces back to the FIRST King of Norther Italy, while Frank Sinatra's family (Sinatra because they began with an in-breeding of Roman Senators, who were the first monarchs of Sicily and parts of Southern Italy) -- all this immediately AFTER the Catholic Popes deliberately destroyed Democracy so the HATE-BOT Christians could have GOD-HATING blood-line rule.

THANK GOD that you are a MORMON that is OPPOSED to Christian Teachings with your Garden of Eden in Missouri, USA, Jesus in the flesh with Meso-Americans, and LOTS OF HIGHER GODS -- more than the Judeo-Christian-Muslims would EVER accept!!!

To say NOTHING of having BOTH Mittens Romney and Harry Reid -- LOL!!!

When I discussed things with Patricia Sinatra in person for 3.5 hours on the banks of the Cape Fear River, we talked about this too -- since the Bank of America she sold control of to the rich Kenans' NATIONSBANK was begun in San Francisco as Bank of Italy. I blogged about this MANY TIMES.

The FAKE Kenan coat (which I LOVE):


So you see, Royalty is NOTHING BUT TRASH -- hiding behind money and the Christian FAKE CHURCH!!!

You would do FAR BETTER acknowledging your being 4th cousin to Howard Hughes, the long-time male lover of Bebe Rebozo, who was ALSO Richard Nixon's gay lover, entering the White House for YEARS on a false identity as has been published in the Press and SUPPRESSED by the CIA Christians. 

And then it was a RICH BITCH whose parents took my brother and sister-in-law out on at least TWO of their yachts about 2010, lived NEXT-DOOR to Bebe's Key Biscayne house, they having all ARRANGED a wedding of their daughter to my nephew Connor Michael Kenan (in other times known as "The Gay Darth Vader"), but then I BLOGGED about Connor and his best buddy giving his 2nd grade class -- when the teacher had stepped out for a minute -- a FELLATIO DEMO

They got CAUGHT, the flustered teacher locked Connor in a MOP CLOSET until she came to her senses, called Connors' parents in -- and they ALL had a big laugh about sexual discovery at that age -- but that KILLED THE MONEYED ENGAGEMENT and my brother and sister-on-law were MAD AS HELL at me for Connor not being able to marry into all that money. 

Bebe Rebozo and Richard Nixon at Bebe's place on Key Biscayne. My Old Personal Buddy John Ehrlichman was ALSO there:

"Suited up for BUSINESS", as they say!!! 

But Connor THANKED ME LATER, and remains at 30, single with no dating pattern with women.

In blog, recently, I claimed I just learned this yesterday from my sister Jane -- but I learned it a while ago with spyware, but just had not disclosed I know it. so NOW, Connor is:

You didn't mention coming to Wilmington late January to get REVENGE against Judges Corpening and McKee/Luther. HOW is THAT coming along??? I'm SO looking forward to meeting you!!!

Also PLEASE CONGRATULATE ME!!! I have NOT asked my "sainted Catholic mother" if she knows that my brother Mike PAID FOR my sister Julie's abortion in about 1990 (probably earlier). I knew of the procedure right after it happened, but only recently learned that it was my brother who had paid for it. And I bet Mom never found out about it.

Fill me in SOON on all your confusing-to-me activities!!! I'm FASCINATED!!!

THEREFORE, this will ALL appear on my BLOG.


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From: Sheree' Gay Griffin 
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Subject: Just Reaching Out

Hi Scott:

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I have began the process of connecting with Special Agents with the FBI. I hope after an investigation has been completed that I will be exonerated. 

I am looking at the possibility of filing for Dual Nationality in England within the next three months. I am also scheduling a trip to England for mid-November - January 5, 2019. 

I will elaborate with you further this week in an email about my bloodline with my ancestors in England, France & the Netherlands it does involve my cousin King Henry II. Under his reign, he laid the basis for English Common Law which has been laid out by our founding fathers who had written our Constitution and where Common Law has been in the United States. Henry is credited for his position with the Monarchy and Parliament in the Library of Congress in addition to English & France archived records. 


-- /s/Mechelle Shereé Gay

And Spring is COMING SOON to the Northern Hemisphere.


HOT India-Indian Homo LOVES This Blog (but is confused by my message). / "Christians" Are Now "Falling Like FLIES" Back into the Devil's HELL-HOLE They Had Come Out Of!!!

In so MANY WAYS, Christianity is FAR WORSE than this -- but I don't want people to think I am JUST picking on the absolute HATRED OF GOD (God is Love), of Christians -- the PREDOMINATE religion in my American Culture.

FIRST, I am overdue sending my sister Julie a thank you note -- and Gold Walker a letter detailing what I will do to her in COURT if she persists in "persecuting me" because I blog that her son, Allen Walker, is one of Wilmington area's BIGGEST NARCO-TRAFFICKERS (according to many Wilmington Police Officers and others), which is NOT my or Gold's fault!!!

Therefore, this will be relatively short.

And I wish to thank my READERS for making these two postings BY FAR the most hit of recent ones. I am SERIOUS that my SECOND beloved country is MEXICO (but my birth-nation, the USA, must always be my FIRST -- due to her Constitution):

Rey Moctezuma II of the Aztec Empire



With all the TRUMP NAZI/KLANSMEN (supported PRIMARILY by my Kenan relatives who co-founded UNC Chapel Hill), being EXPOSED as God-Hating Christian Narco-Traffickers and White Supremacists all over the REST of the world's JOURNALISM SITES, this morning, FOX NEWS ONLINE was running THIS as its TOP NEWS STORY:

And for all my SERIOUS READERS, I suggest Fox News's OPINIONS PAGE for MAXIMUM MIRTH and HILARITY!!! Check out what they show as "Trending in Opinion", not too far down the right side here

Wilmington, North Carolina's TOP CITIZEN with his Cunty Wife, Lara Yunaska Trump (actual Wilmington native LOVED by the Narco-Trafficking and White Supremacist Wilmington Star News and Port City Daily), as mentioned on Huff Post -- but I GOT IT because at this moment it is the LAST STORY from Fox News's Opinions Page: (but was just removed, so here is Huffington Post's link to it):


A lone SUPER HOT 30-ish male Wilmington cop just backed up on Spofford Circle to the walking trail as I went out to smoke a cig (tobacco), so I went over and engaged him in the FRIENDLIEST conversation -- not even BRINGING UP his (or my) SEXUALITY!!!

Officer Perry is the HOTTEST Wilmington Police Officer I have ever met!!! Here is link to the WECT story that has him skateboarding -- in motion

And I ACTUALLY  TOLD Officer Perry how hot he is and WHAT I'd like to do to him -- if he weren't on duty or in uniform -- and he GRACIOUSLY ACCEPTED the compliment, less than a year ago. 

Readers who have forgotten what a good story it is, can refresh their memories here:

I knew he had to be watching either the house next door that is HEAVY into Narco-Trafficking -- or my own building that's had a lot of SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY from "Pete" and Allie upstairs, and Rob and Aaron Gallimore in the other ground-floor apartment -- they all being out on SOME kind of run -- but should return soon.

NONE of them go out as if working a JOB, and ONLY Allie claims to STILL be a student (undergrad), at 22 years of age.

He would not either confirm or deny his objective, but LOVED to hear what I told him about my parents with Father Bob Kus, Nixon's Aide John Ehrilchman. and Bush/Cheney/Bin Laden/Saudi-Royals owned PPD Pharmaceuticals, setting up the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia -- and that Mayor Saffo, his boss Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, Sheriff Ed McMahon, and especially D.A.s Benjamin R. David and his twin brother Jon David from across the river RUN IT -- or at least PROTECT IT.

As I pointed out -- and he DID agree to this -- that virtually ALL Law Enforcement "street soldiers" joined up for the RIGHT REASONS and it is a DAMNED SHAME that they have to COMPROMISE THEIR VALUES almost constantly because Christians only WORSHIP MONEY -- and HATE GOD. 

This paragraph is just me THINKING (they can identify that officer EASILY and RAZ HIM unfairly -- if they think we actually conversed about THIS): "THAT because they live PRETENDING to be HETEROSEXUALStherefore, those leaders will KILL their spouse and children just to keep them protecting the DRUG MAFIA."

I DID tell him that I have seen people at ALL hours of day and night removing packages from the storage shed behind the house next door to give people who then drive away with them, and asked if he would like me to PHOTOGRAPH those activities and keep a strict diary to give Police of all those activities -- but he THANKED ME for the offer, and said, "No, sir, that is OUR JOB."

As to my not-written story last night regarding SPECTRUM CABLE's RENEWED ripping off all of Benefits Management's clients and what to do about that, I will soon enough write their TOP corporate Legal Counsel about how a Kenan Family Law Firm in Raleigh SCREWED ME and I will let ALL KNOW what these CHRISTIAN/NAZI DEVILS did to the FORMER TIME/WARNER CABLE -- and seek additional compensation as well.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

On "National Religious Freedom Day" -- LOL!!! / A PERFECT Day, Yesterday / ANOTHER Attack by SPECTRUM Cable Today (I FORGOT to write the last one, so in the NEXT posting)!!!

I say yesterday was a "Perfect Day" because I had a perfectly fun time with my sister Jane and her two big dogs, yesterday, and learned a few things:

1. My mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan really does have and use an iPad my brother gave her -- and uses email as well. Jane had given me Mom's email address by accident a few years ago, and my brother Mike asked me not to use it -- so Mom and I have pretended she can't and hasn't read any of this blog for several years now -- and maybe she hasn't read it.

2. Jane LOVES my apartment, took many photos, and sent them to Mom. Jane later texted me that next time she will bring Mom and one of her chairs, so Mom can be comfortable in my apartment -- but when I called Mom this morning to thank her for a cash gift she had sent, she said she cannot handle more than two steps and there at least five at both of my entrances. Maybe we will drive her around Wilmington's beautiful spring -- and then eat at Mom's fave restaurant, Something Fishy:

3. My nephew Connor Michael Kenan is now living in Manhattan -- in Greenwich Village -- and I am SO JEALOUS!!!

4. My nephew Maxwell Andrew Kenan finally has a GIRLFRIEND at about age 27, so at least ONE of my nephews plans to live as a "STRAIGHT GUY" (regardless his homosexual past -- like his father -- and grandfather, my father -- which is about as STRAIGHT as most Kenan males can ever manage).

5. My sister Julie sent a gift of a candle in a "gold crackle" glass (my favorite type candle-glass), scented "Sandlewood-Cedar", an extraordinarily fine scent that I had not been aware of. I need to send HER a thank-you note, which I intend to do next.

Kenan Institute for Ethics shared their event.

Free screening as part of KIE's Spring 2018 Film Series: You Say You Want a Revolution. Free admission, free refreshments, free parking. Rated PG-13.
Thu 6:30 PMKenan Institute for EthicsDurham
305 people interested · 20 people going

Aaron Gallimore from his Facebook page:, is interesting because SPYWARE does not show an Aaron Gallimore in North Carolina at ALL -- and his Facebook page is "James in Color" -- LOL!!!

This photo is labeled as from 11 months ago, and pretty accurate for his appearance now.

In any case, Aaron came over for about 45 minutes yesterday after Jane left, and we were completely CANDID and discussed my sexual crush on him and his not likely being interested (at least for now), and that his BEST FRIEND, he met in a bar in Cary, NC -- they got to talking, and the guy is totally gay, a WORLD CLASS ballet-dancer, so they went somewhere to smoke pot and then got to really know each other (whatever that means to Aaron).

But later last night -- and then again today far WORSE -- Aaron needed (non-sexual) favors a few times, and then after my agreeing to help him out, he got the same help ELSEWHERE, leaving ME having gone to a lot of trouble and he never once cared to let me know he had found another solution.

About an hour ago, I told him I was tired of his CHRISTIAN BEHAVIOR (after he apologized to me for the umpteenth time -- and also claimed that he is "THE WORST" -- TOTAL Christian behavior and his father is a Fundamentalist Minister). and I said that is NOT ENOUGH, and he owes me FAR MORE, so he needs to decide what to offer me, and get back to me -- which he has not yet done.

BUT, yesterday, he told me that his roommate Rob who has the lease is getting a CAR late this week bought by his family (after totalling his first car several days ago), and that both his and Rob's family will cover paying the rent for February. Rob still is not looking for a job, but Aaron claims he applied at Walmart, and he expects them to hire him one day soon.

Meantime, Aaron says he is selling his ADDERALL all over Wilmington to buy marijuana and beer, and he and Rob with occasional other friends of both sexes who stop by here just get high and play video games. And he is WELL AWARE of all I have blogged about him and Rob -- and has NO COMPLAINTS about any of it.


1. They NEVER announced that "Sloppy Steve Bannon" -- as they call him -- was speaking to a Congressional Committee until TWO HOURS AFTER it had begun.

2. INSTEAD, their top News Story was that North Korea is sending a BATTALION of GORGEOUS GIRLS (cheerleaders), to SEDUCE the world into loving Kim Jong Un and his North Korea policies (something only a FOX NEWS LOVER would ever fall for -- that TRASHY a seduction -- but then Christians are USED to it)!!!

3. And their two TOP HIT stories in "Trending" right now are:

In FIRST place, one that sounds like the troubles I have had with Facebook:

And in SECOND place is THIS piece of HUMOR -- HA!!!:


I sent the message to Christal: "LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!"

Christal Presley not only was instrumental in getting me the BOGUS CONTRACT with Alyson Books to publish my memoir -- while working at Atlanta Public Schools as a "Teacher-Mentor" based on a FAKE Doctoral Degree she got in two months -- while still going out many nights with me and Sunil, her Coca-Cola, USA (a Kenan Family company): , Mid-Level Executive (now fled back to India, where Sunil is of the Brahman Caste):

But Christal got a TEACHING JOB in a rural Appalachian town in Virginia -- and she has now LOST THAT TOO!!!

Me, Christal Presley, Sunil Vishnuxxxxxxx, and their Foster Child that the State of Georgia QUICKLY removed from them for NOT DOING MUCH with the poor guy!!! At the base of the Stone Mountain carving of the Confederate Heroes, winter 2009/2010.

ALSO found on Christal's LINKED-IN profile -- just added today (a SCHOOL on her parents' farm and DONKEYS is just another word for ASSES)!!!

ALSO available at Christal's parents' farm (like on MOST farms)!!!