Saturday, August 19, 2017

After Communing with Jiminy Cricket in the New Hanging Gardens of Babylon . . .

And ACTUALLY, it was a grasshopper (THREE inches long), that I communed with.

The New Hanging Gardens of Babylon (my back porch), where I once could NOT commune with the comatose and DROOLING Haston Lavern Caulder (who was RELEASED from jail this past week, but has mercifully NOT contacted me).

Haston Caulder in the Garden, fall 2016. You can't see the DROOL, but you see a cigarette he'd lost going unconscious, earlier. Haston burned MANY holes in his shorts that Joseph Faulk of NYC kept buying for him -- but not in THESE shorts -- yet.

Although Haston has nipples and pecs that are EXEMPLARY for a 43-year-old guy who's lived the criminal life since before puberty, I never found him sexually attractive after day one. 

Nevertheless, he sent me a selfie of his SHAVED, extended man-meat to forward on to Joseph in NYC to KEEP THE MONEY COMING, Joseph sending him over $7,000.00 in one month alone (plus lots of food treats and clothing via Amazon -- and furniture, including shipping a child-sized bed which BAFFLED both Haston and me -- we wondering if Mr. Faulk had ANY sanity).

In the interest of "common decency" I am NOT publishing that photo here -- but IF YOU MUST indulge your prurient interest -- you can view it near the top here:

And this is the dwarf double-yellow Angel's Trumpet that "Jiminy Cricket" eventually made it to, that was in another position, today, than in the recent photos above.

The REASON Jimini Cricket came to call, is that it had been a VERY baffling day so far. I was just sitting down in "Haston's seat" for a cigarette smoke when he LEAPED out of the hanging basket with the giant Night-Blooming Cereus

 . . . and first slowly crept to the front edge of the folding chair he jumped onto -- taking longer than for me to smoke a cigarette -- as I spoke to him in low reassuring tones, so as not to frighten him (nor did I make any quick moves). He then leaped to the post of the handrail, climbed up on it, walked over to the Angel's Trumpet, climbed all the way up it very slowly -- tasting leaves and bloom buds -- and apparently finding it WANTING, he began BACKING DOWN while hanging upside-down!!!

So I gently got up from my seat, and not wanting to accidentally harm him by capturing him in my hand, I stroked the three-inch length of his back three times -- before he jumped up and flew away around the corner of the building.

I felt just like St. Francis of Assisi!!!:

So here are the BAFFLES OF TODAY:

First, I went to hear Erin Brockovich speak on the front steps of City Hall about the GenX pollution of Wilmington's drinking water -- scheduled for 10:00 AM. But at 10:25 -- and NO ONE knowing where Erin was, but continuing to mill around, I left at that point, I having NO RESPECT for anyone in this day and age of ubiquitous cell phones, who can't call to say what has delayed them and when they expect to arrive.

Just now, I got a message from a friend who was there briefly, and an organizer of the event, that someone ELSE there KNEW that Erin had a family emergency and had left town in the middle of the night, last night, and added, "She should have made an announcement earlier . . . " (than sometime AFTER 10:25 when she introduced SOMEONE to speak who was NOT Erin Brockovich).

This is as incompetent as the APOCOLYPSE!!!

One of the horsemen fell off. What a day! Even the Apocalypse is going to be incompetent.

Pat Robertson, the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and a familiar face on its flagship program The 700 Club, has been hospitalized, CBN announced Friday. The 87-year-old, who also founded the private Christian…

BUT, while waiting all that time I was RUNNING MY MOUTH about the CORRUPTION of my Narco-Trafficking Kenan Family that put Trump into power to turn the country NAZI and Ku Klux Klan with MANY "responsible citizens" of Wilmington -- they ALL seeming to know that -- as well as that Mayor Bill Saffo, District Attorney Benjamin R. David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and Sheriff Ed McMahon are all PART of the Republican/Democrat Christian DRUG MAFIA -- in fact MOST now know that Bill Saffo has an EYE for young men -- and that Ben David has MALE LOVERS!!!

A FEW were surprised that Barack Obama is GAY AS A GOOSE, his marriage arranged by Christian Ministers Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright, but the majority who KNEW THIS, also knew that Richard Nixon, George HW Bush, and George W Bush ALL had male lovers while President.

And then one guy of about my age told me that the TRUE STORY of the RUTHLESSNESS and of the "Trailer-Trash" beginnings of -- and of the wealthy Kenans in general -- is ENTIRELY DISCLOSED in the history book POOR NO MORE, by Robert Ruark, and that I should BUY IT:

And researching this book, I learned that Mr. Ruark is actually a NATIVE of Wilmington, NC, but the protagonist (look it up), "Craig Price", ends up in RUIN, so he AIN'T FULLY KENAN!!!

And the OTHER THING I keep forgetting to mention is that Mr. Faulk of NYC has kindly sent me just about the same money to cover my medications as he did a month ago, BUT he being a recluse who has NEVER been near homeless, had NO IDEA the expenses I've had while waiting for the TARDY SPECTRUM CABLE to settle with me from hitting me with this truck in a crosswalk in full daylight -- EXACTLY at the intersection where Ms. Brockovich was supposed to have spoken today, but I will have enough for all those meds except the expensive one for attrib (atrial fibrillation), that costs $98.00 for one month.

So if ANYONE can send a few dollars for that (I need to refill in six days), you can PayPal me a few bucks toward that using my email address to find my PayPal account -- or use the DONATE button on my original blog on the right side:



Friday, August 18, 2017

Well -- Have FUN This Weekend -- But There Is MORE TO COME!!!


Mike Pence is who my NAZI mother has claimed for TEN YEARS is who the Catholic Popes all want in power -- NOT TRUMP, so the NAZI-CATHOLIC plan is proceeding NICELY, no???

The vice president also praised Trump's "energy" and "can-do spirit."

Scott Kenan
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North Carolina's HB 330 excuses drivers from liability if they injure a protester who is blocking traffic.

Lawmakers in North Dakota, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and Texas proposed bills that would make it legal for drivers to hit protesters if the driver did not do so "willfully", according to Mick Bullock, a spokesman for the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Bills were introduced this year in a half-dozen state legislatures that would give limited protections to drivers who cause injury or death to protesters.
Sandra Beckham
8 hrs
“Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one.” 

― George Orwell, 1984

Well, let's RELAX this weekend -- perhaps some dancing -- because there's STILL more work to do:


Steve Bannon, Pope Francis, and the Roman Curia KICKED OUT of the White House with Their CATHOLIC SWASTIKAS -- My MOTHER, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, PREVIOUSLY Had Bannon's Role as "America's TOP NAZI"!!!

Steve Bannon and Pope Francis

As everyone who follows the news online knows well, Steve Bannon is the CLOSEST American Political Type to both Pope Francis and the Roman Curia (group of cardinals that is the Legislative Body of the Roman Catholic Church) -- if fact -- it is generally assumed his words and actions are all APPROVED by Pope Francis, although Francis (powerless in American Government), says "LIBERAL" things -- except about homosexuals, which Catholics prefer to exterminate.

Bannon took over my mother Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan's role -- although Mom was ENTIRELY behind the scenes -- but our family friends included Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Sen. Jesse Helms (my father claimed most responsibility for putting him into power in NC), Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Coach Lou Holtz and his closest friend John Boehner, and others.

And Mom took over for Joe and Rose Kennedy and Henry Ford -- back in the 1950s when it was CLEAR that JFK's generation had FLIPPED to support Liberty and Justice for ALL!!! 

I have DISCUSSED this with Joe Kennedy III, Congressman from Massachusetts, recently, and of COURSE it STANDS TO REASON that all Kennedys MUST REMAIN CATHOLICS as they would lose their BASE if they condemned the same Church that has PUBLICLY DENIED THEM COMMUNION at times, due to Kennedy FIGHTS for LIBERTY and against NAZISM, the SOUL of the Catholic Church through the Ages.

Today, right when I turned on the TV, Steve Bannon's OUSTER was first announced, and I soon called Mom and was first to tell her!!! She took it in stride, including my telling her I still LOVE the Catholic Values I was raised with -- but have NO RESPECT for the actual Catholic Church which she has NEVER, EVER questioned. Mom is the only person in my life who NEVER questioned even what they believed MOST, but that is part of Catholic
NAZI training.

So with JOY IN MY HEART at this change, I return to what I had begun blogging about before this news hit -- and my FAVORITE CLERIC of ALL TIME:


The ORIGINAL title to this postingFriday Morning and Wilmington REMAINS HOSTAGE to the Narco-Trafficking Christian Republican Confederate HANG-OVERS in BOTH Parties -- HA!!!

This morning, I drove by this memorial and the statue of George Davis whose face ALSO had been spray-painted red, and they BOTH have been successfully pressure-washed with NO DAMAGE to patina.

Delegation mum on governor’s call for Confederate statues removal
Scott Kenan
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While I AGREE that vandalism should not be tolerated, "Joseph" is unidentifiable -- unlike me who ALWAYS uses my full name and I am 6' 11" (easy to identify on the street), and ADMIT to being a Kenan

My Kenan Family were the biggest supporters of the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection and of electing Donald Trump and suppressing non-Whites and Gays and non-Christians, although about HALF of Kenan men are gay, and when the American Psychiatric Association REMOVED Homosexuality from the DSM list of mental illnesses in 1973, it was TWO blood Kenans with different surnames MOST responsible for that, so Wilmington should be very PROUD of THAT Kenan Family contribution, 

"Joseph" is the EXACT COWARD that Alan Moore referred to -- leaving his mark, but too scared to leave his full identity so he can be contacted -- LOL!!!« less
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Alan Moore
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It takes a real man of courage to deface an inanimate object, especially under the cover of darkness. If you are brave enough to stand up for what you believe, do it with face, not cowardice. Otherwise, you are simply a punk. Of course, hoping that you might actually be able to read a newspaper is probably a bigger waste of my time than writing this retort.
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If the governor is hell bent on helping these people wipe out history than go all the way. Fort Fischer needs to go before any more money is spent on it's expansion. Heck I would just love to take my metal detector in there. Also and books in public schools and libraries need to be taken out and burned. Does any of this sound familiar. I think things like this happened in the late 1930's and early 1940's. Now if you want to go all in, just think about this countries early history. I think the US Army was used against Native Americans. Army is bad?
Maybe like a model in ZOOLANDER!!!! LOL 

According to your profile picture

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Scott Kenan THIS is the non-sense that happens when people visit RELIGIOUS SITES that have no idea what the Deity is all about

This particular one from "God in World" dot com is a generator of the most SUBTLY hateful in my own experience. 

Imagine if all women (and men), had the slut values of so many models like Melania Trump!!!

ReplyJust now

Well, I voted AGAINST Trump (so "for" Hillary). But I KNOW tons of people regret having voted for Trump. Hillary Clinton (and Bill) have narco-trafficked for decades (like the Bush and Cheney families also have done), with my Kenan Family that was the LARGEST support of Trump. 

I regret that Henry Flagler left his entire estate to my Kenan Family in 1913, we then controlling Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil and Rex Tillerson since then, but like the regretting Trump voters, I can't change my family's history, either.

I supported the president in dozens of articles, radio and TV appearances. I won’t do it any longer.

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Scott Kenan THANK YOU Nika Nozadze for this. REALITY-BASED living is what got me OUT of homelessness and I FORCED those who jailed me and nut-house-committed me on false charges to RESPECT ME now. 

I LOVE this quote from the article: “The path out of hell is through misery. By refusing to accept the misery that is part of climbing out of hell, you fall back into hell.” — Marsha Linehan, founder of Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

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Vanessa Vadim
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Don't Bully The Nazis!

Scott Kenan shared a link.

"All of us are here, and we are willing to take whatever responsibility, whatever consequences come along with the removal of that statue."

"She says he then removed his underwear, and Monica undressed and began to masturbate him. After 10 seconds of rubbing his penis, she heard a loud boom – a handful of VICE detectives had broken down the hotel door and were arresting her for prostitution

The john was actually a state trooper, and a camera crew for the National Geographic documentary series “Alaska State Troopers” was waiting just outside the door as she hurried to dress and tried to wash her hands."

All 50 states allow police to engage in sexual contact with suspects. In Alaska, they're fighting back.