Thursday, June 22, 2017

Known for Certain: Ari Melber Showed CHEST HAIRS at his collar on MSNBC, Today, for the SECOND Time in Weeks!!! / Some Catching Up, Otherwise:

Ari was NOT eating a FESTIVE (or un-festive) cookie, EITHER time he did this.

As my Readers know, Ari Melber is not known to have EVER dated, nor claimed to be either Hetero- or Homo- Sexual, leaving a LONG TRAIL of frustrated straight women and homosexual men of ALL ages, races, and religions (including none) -- such as myself -- and I would have stated my attraction to the Adonis of the Intelligentsia far more strongly at the time, had I NOT just been contacted by Bill Romney, surviving legal spouse of Douglas Romney (close cousin of Mitt Romney), who first claimed to want to DATE ME -- so I HELD OFF!!!

Douglas Wayne Romney and Bill Romney (maiden name: William Wilhelm)

Ann and Mitt Romney, the PRODUCTIVE STRAIGHT Romneys

And I FINALLY had to write Ann and Mitt, and THEY PROMPTLY got their in-law Bill, to STOP harassing me:

It just occurred to me that Ari Melber has OFTEN stated his email address on the air, so I'm gonna EMAIL THIS POSTING to him individually, and then ONCE include him in the mass emailing to my 200+ Political Contacts, so he can see them too. This shall be my email title: 

"Ari Melber: My Kenan Family, controls XOM (Exxon-Mobil), Rex Tillerson and put Trump into power to profit from Russian Oil Development. Jean Babette Stein introduced me to Jackie Onassis, & they together, told my boss then, Tennessee Williams how and WHY he would be murdered -- and  I can PROVE IT IN COURT"


1. I was able to reach Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., in NYC at 11:00 AM this morning, and NYC Protective Services has NOT yet contacted him, but we agree that they will as soon as they can.

2. My Smoked Ham Hocks with Beans Soup is now COMPLETE -- and sitting a day to MELD the FLAVORS!!!

3. My next project is Marinara Sauce, from a recipe I got from an Italian Countess (married to a homosexual art dealer in NYC), whose brother was then the TOP Film and TV Director in Italy: Adriana and Brooks Jackson, and Federico Fellini star Hiram Keller and his wife (sic), Kristina "Tina" St. Clair, joined us for a HORRIFYING MOVIE (not THIS one)!!!

Hiram Keller in Felini Satyricon

I ran into Hiram and Tina at the Atlanta Arts Festival in Piedmont Park a few years later, and after Hiram died of an "unspecified cancer", Tina remarried and lives in WESTERN North Carolina!!!



Hi Ari: 

I had FUN with my idle fantasy of you today, but seriously, I now work directly  -- by invitation -- with the State and Justice Departments, exposing the crimes of my Kenan family of Chapel Hill who put Trump into power, and my mother's Meyer Family, who put Mike Pence in power, in case Trump leaves office, the Catholic Popes can get THEIR first choice. We had SWASTIKAS on the dinner plates growing up, and my parents' best friends were Coach Lou Holtz, Nixon aide John Ehrlichman, and many connected to Fox News.

Have your team mine my blog for far more. I work with Colin Powell's people, Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' (who knows about the Kenan Family narco-trafficking in Atlanta/Stone Mountain), and Vicente Fox, who worked for my Kenan Family before becoming Mex-Prez, etc.

I can be reached by email (alt in Cc:), or cell phone: (910) 200-XXXX

Scott David Kenan

Wilmington, NC


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Spectrum Cable GOT THE MESSAGE!!! / Landlady Gold Walker Feigns CLUELESSNESS -- LOL!!!

Now that Joseph Faulk is no longer helping me out financially -- and has likely been committed to a Mental Hospital today (or similar) -- I've begun thinking of HOW to augment my SSI income until I get settlement from Spectrum Cable for their ACCELERATING truck knocking me 12 feet out of a crosswalk on February 13, 2017!!!

Of course that event was so FUNNY to Wilmington Democratic City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark, that he tried to TERRORIZE me in Mayor Bill Saffo's office in front of the Mayor's Executive Secretary, Dawn Grants!!!

But before my report of the day's events, the news from Capitol Hill!!!:

WASHINGTON—Quickly crumpling up all 500 pages of the legislation upon hearing footsteps in the hallway, sources reported Tuesday that a panicked Senate Majority…
You've GOT to be kidding me

Evangelical Christian leader Jerry Falwell Jr. will head an education reform task force under U.S. President Donald Trump and is keen to cut university…

President Donald J. Trump issued an executive order on Tuesday directing the Department of Justice to revoke five Thanksgiving Day pardons issued by Obama

Scott Kenan shared a link.
13 hrs

After admitting he had an "improper relationship" with a 14-year-old student at Cullen Middle School, a Houston Independent School District police officer will not be…

>>> TODAY WAS DEDICATED TO PAYING ALL BILLS THAT I COULD -- TO SEE WHAT MONEY I STILL HAVE -- and to boil down a chicken carcass and some smoked ham hocks, to make broth for a VAT of KILLER BEAN SOUP!!!:

I first went to Costco, and refilled my prescriptions -- a week early. Having nothing else there to buy, I spent half an hour talking to employees of both the store and the demo people.

I don't believe I blogged that the day David Alan Young assaulted me (without actually harming me), and made his SERIOUS threat that he would shoot me DEAD for JESUS, as he has been commanded to do to ALL FAGGOTS and LIBERALS:

I after that stopped in Costco, and as I was checking out, I spoke with a check-out woman I've known a long time. Nearly EVERY Costco employee -- and the older ladies who demo (includes a few men, some young), HATES the hypocritical Wilmington Christians, and so I rarely have any problems there, as MOST customers are EDUCATED, Successful people, so THEY don't buy all the CHRISTIAN CRAP -- and those who do, are LIBERAL Christians who HATE Evangelicals, etc.

And having HAD IT after Mr. Young PROVED he worships the DEVIL -- not Jesus, the Prophet of Love -- I was telling the cashier that EVERY Christian appears to just worship SATAN. An older guy checking out in the next line, YELLED that I needed to SHUT THE FUCK UP, because HE found my words HIGHLY OFFENSIVE.

Without raising my voice, I told him he is ALLOWED to be offended, as I am offended by HIM -- and why didn't he mind his own business, since I was not speaking to HIM.

"You are NOT ALLOWED to talk that way in this country -- and I'm going to teach you a lesson!!!" he said as he put up his fists and lunged in my direction, slowed by a cart and two people in his way. Two Costco Management employees walking nearby stepped in between us. Two I'd never seen before, so they did NOT know me -- and I explained there was no reason to worry about me, I get this CRAP from "Jesus-Lovers" all the time -- and NEVER ONCE have I struck anyone, even when beaten so it took six weeks for the bruises to heal.


So in the several days since then, the story of it had spread among many of the employees, and we had a good LAUGH over it -- and he and his wife exited the store before me.

I saw a book there:

I almost BOUGHT IT, since Newt Gingrich had helped my parents, CNN, and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman SET UP the Atlanta/Stone Mountain Christian Drug Mafia -- and I'd been to Newt's Congressional Office several times about that -- in 1990 BEFORE I WAS ARRESTED -- LOL!!!

And actually, it was EARLIER, at 10:00 AM, that the nice, handsome young black Spectrum Tech arrived to CORRECT the too-strong internet service that has been kicking my modem off and on in overload. I had DEMANDED that Spectrum NOT send another Christian, as those had all LIED TO ME and NEVER fixed my service, wasting many, many hours over the last several weeks, and HE did not want to hear about ANYTHING TRUE about his company -- so I asked him if he was a CHRISTIAN, and he said that he was.

I told him NO SELF-RESPECTING descendant of SLAVES is a Christian, since the New Testament was used to ENSLAVE BLACK AFRICANS!!:

Of course his MINISTER never mentioned the Epistle to the Ephesians -- LOL!!! He just wanted to FLEECE HIS BLACK FLOCK.

But he went about his business high on the pole, and when he came in, he was accompanied by a Spectrum Quality Control Supervisor -- and ANOTHER Tech (both white -- and all three were HOT AS HELL -- if the black guy too young for me).

The Supervisor, clearly an AGGRESSIVE TOP TYPE, wearing no ring and about 40, realized he was going to have to GRIN AND BEAR IT, as I told more of my story of Spectrum's hitting with a truck, lying to me constantly, rather than fixing my service, and HOLDING PAYMENTS sent for Benefits Management, Inc.'s mostly IMPOVERISHED clients.

The third guy, of a softer, hairy body with beard, LOVED IT ALL!!! And they discovered LOTS of other irregularities -- even discovering someone had CUT THE CABLE outside to the back bedroom, which had been working when I fled there to escape Bed Bugs, two months ago. They fixed it ALL, and tested and RE-TESTED everything, and I really think they finally FIXED my service!!!

So I THANKED and COMPLIMENTED them, and the Supervisor pointed out to the Black Christian that they NEVER get compliments, NORMALLY, and to ENJOY MY HONEST WORDS (while he got them) -- LOL!!!

And late afternoon, I stopped at Gold Walker's house across the street, and INDEED there was not a SINGLE POT ROACH to be found, nor smoke in the air!!! ALWAYS, previously, there were roaches all over the place and she'd be smoking and offer me some.

I pointed out that I'd not had a BIT of marijuana since she and Denise Wood downstairs from me had STOPPED giving and selling me weed, and Gold said pot should be LEGAL, which almost everyone agrees with and that I should go to the Barbary Coast Bar and just BUY SOME THERE!!!

Readers will recall that I had FUN talking with Olympia Dukakis at the installation ceremony of Tennessee Williams's Poets' Stone at Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine, in Manhattan, late 2009. And my brother, Mike, had snuck into the audience to GET AN IDEA OF MY WORLD (not that he LIKED IT, at all -- HA!!!).

The Barbary Coast Bar in Wilmington, North Carolina is about five blocks from my house, and WHERE Haston Lavern Caulder got KICKED OUT, and being PISSED, IMMEDIATELY whipped it out in front -- and in front of MANY PEOPLE  -- including the Police Officer, who CITED HIM for "Urinating in Public" -- one of the charges he faces trial for next week:

Haston, while still in residence in my apartment.

And while I was at Gold's, I could SEE she knows her son, Allen Walker is likely in BIG TROUBLE over his Walker World,, which all the COPS seem to know is being investigated as a possible MAJOR drug import port on the Northeast Cape Fear River!!! So SHE being TAMED by that, I pointed out that this morning, someone left Denise Wood's apartment at 4:45 AM -- but I don't know if it was about SEX or BUYING DRUGS, and that both Steven and Patty next door THANKED ME for chasing off so many who come to both Denise's and Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr.'s BACK DOORS, all hours of day and night for one or the other from Denise, and LSD from "Sam"!!!

And Gold responded -- NICELY, as the entire conversation had been (including the reminder that I send ALL MY EVIDENCE straight to the US State and Justice Departments, part of WHY Gold's HERO, Donald Trump is FALLING INTO HELL so FAST!!!) -- that she SURE WISHES I could do SOMETHING about all the HEROIN TRAFFICKING in Wilmington.

I responded:

Tennessee Williams in Provincetown, 1940. Age 29, 5 years before he wrote The Glass Menagerie.
Eugene N. Fedorko to Provincetown in the '40s . . .
22 hrs
Tennessee Williams, Provincetown, 1940 . . .


My PERMANENT Goodbye to a Wilmington, NC Christian Drug Mafia Financier: Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. / Facebook Kicks Me Off for CRITICIZING North Carolina Republican/Christians (and Assassins of FAGGOT/LIBERALS) !!!

I was on Facebook at 6:30 this morning, so this happened after that, the FOURTH time Facebook KICKED ME OFF in the last year -- for a month -- for Criticizing FAKE CHRISTIANS -- and the FIRST TIME for criticizing the Republicans and Democrats in Wilmington, NC -- led by my own KENAN FAMILY, as confirmed, recently, by lawyer Bruce Mason and TWO local Magistrates (within the last week) -- LOL!!!

Although the generic notice is in the plural (the last time this happened Facebook sent me TWO MEMES that were the reason they kicked me off), this time it was only this ONE comment. 

Facebook SUPPORTS FAKE Christians shooting to kill Homosexuals and Liberals -- just like they ADMIT SUPPORTING the candidacy of Donald Trump and the goals of Vladimir Putin.

 Shooting "Faggots and Liberals for JESUS" is also EXACTLY what  David Alan Young has promised to do  TO ME AS SOON AS HE FINDS ME, and for THAT REASON -- and I had to PULL TEETH to get even a Court Summons against him. 

Then yesterday, Sheriff McMahon's Deputy who DID tell me the Court Summons was finally issued, asked ME where on earth it could possibly be served -- even though my COMPLIANT showed that David and his Dave's Tree Removal BOTH at his residence, but they are too STUPID to serve Mr. Young THERE in the evening -- and of COURSE Sheriff Ed McMahon is a GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN!!!

For a stinky Christian Fart, PULL MY FINGER!!!

From my PERSONAL FRIEND, Ronald Reagan, see the report of our FIRST conversation in the White House

So, this morning, I called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC, and he told me I am PURE EVIL for calling Protective Services on him, they are scheduled to evaluate him today. 

I told him the REASON I called him this morning, is that he is LIKELY to be committed, and will NOT have access to email or phones for at least the FORESEEABLE FUTURE, and possibly until he DIES. So I wanted him to know how DEEPLY I appreciate his sending me so much money over 5.5 years -- literally SAVING MY LIFE -- but I was SORRY he had destroyed himself with his HATRED over the last year, especially.

Then he hung up on me. I have a code to check with NYC authorities, tomorrow, to find out the outcome of the Evaluation.