Sunday, December 10, 2017

Yesterday's Letter to Josh Stein (and to MANY NC Opioid-Concerned Orgs), Went VIRAL Not Just in the USA -- but in Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, and Italy, as WELL!!! My NEW-HEARTED Mother Was CORRECT to Encourage Me to Write and Publish It:

OK, in case you are one who did NOT consider the importance of the many organizations I also sent my letter to (by checking out the domains of the email addresses -- which can be seen near the bottom here:, they include the following:

Quite a few North Carolina County Drug Programs
Addiction Professionals of North Carolina
North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police
North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors
North Carolina Association of Pharmacists
North Carolina Justice Academy
North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association
North Carolina State Crime Lab
Recovery Communities of North Carolina

I expect to include them all again in emailing this to my 230 Political Contacts -- so they can see how POPULAR this posting showing that they GOT IT has been!!! Only ONE address returned it as NO LONGER a valid email address.

>>> YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, I CALLED LIBERTY HALL IN KENANSVILLE, NC:,_North_Carolina) -- and I just discovered that their Facebook Page is ALIVE AND WELL!!!:

ONLY coincidentally, I called at 4:20 PM (but have no marijuana in my possession AT ALL!!!), and spoke with the same woman, a few years older than me, who when I called to ask if Donald Trump had stopped there when he spoke at Kenansville (ALL the County Schools and the Town's College had SHUT DOWN FOR THE DAY so all could gather in the Kenan-built Auditorium for the event).

She, a Democrat who later voted for Trump, had RAPTURIZED that they WISHED he had stopped in at Liberty Hall, but when I called last summer to ask about the TOUR being down, but not the website, she was very CHUMMY with me, and said that the woman who was renovating it had been out sick for a week or so, and should soon have the NEW ONE up.

But yesterday, she said that not only did that woman have to have open-heart surgery -- delaying that further -- but the man in Wilmington who HOSTS their site had gone out of business, so Liberty Hall has been OFF-LINE for a few months, now.

She said their HANDS ARE TIED, because the Kenans, after totally renovating the property, had given it to the Duplin County School Board to own -- although Thomas S. Kenan III continues to pay all their bills -- and the SCHOOL BOARD has had NO INTEREST in putting it back online.

I told her that was a SHAME, and I'm sad that Tom Kenan hasn't ACTED to correct it -- and then asked if had I told her before that I used to DATE one of Tom Kenan's old boyfriends. She got somewhat excited, asking if it was so-and-so (whom I'd never heard of), and I told her no, it was Curtis Robbie Anderson -- and WE AGREED that he was VERY NICE!!!

Even TODAY -- 27 years later -- "Robbie" is STILL CUTE, no???

, I called and left a 5:12 long message for Tom Kenan's top deputy, Steve Armstrong, at Kenan Management, Inc., in Chapel Hill, asking him or Tom to ACT to get the website for Liberty Hall back online -- detailing MUCH of how the Kenan/Trump/Republican/Protestant KU KLUX KLAN Group is FALLING APART, and that my mother who HEADED the Pence/Catholic/Republican/NAZI Group has LOST my mother as their leader -- she now supporting ME, etc.

I also told him that with NO ONE designated as the Kenan Family Historian after Tom dies or has to retire (that I know of), it might even fall to ME -- and that has LONG BEEN one of my CHIEF FANTASIES!!!


1. The party that both Jon Deputy and Gold Walker told me was moving into the downstairs one-bedroom apartment last weekend -- STILL have not shown up.

2. Last night the two-bedroom apartment upstairs that is rented to two UNCW female students (one straight, one Lesbian -- and both have lovers who are typically here), was LOUD ALL NIGHT and I couldn't sleep. BUT I remember my OWN College Graduation (one is graduating now), and all the WILD PARTIES around that, so I didn't complain about it to them -- DESPITE the one woman's ALARM on her Lexus SUV going off SIX TIMES between 1:30 and 4:30 AM, someone YODELING in the yard, and it sounding like they were throwing SHOES in their apartment.

I'll speak to them later about this, if they are so STUPID they think this noise can CONTINUE. It would DRIVE AWAY any new tenant DIRECTLY beneath them, no???

3. Interestingly, although Jon Deputy has been the Apartment Manager for several months, the women who converged into the two-bedroom from that and the one-bedroom downstairs -- JUST TWO WEEKS AGO -- have twice claimed it was with tenant GRAY'S permission (he's lived here seven years, is in the Theater/Film business, and knows and HATES George HW Bush and Barbara, whom he knows, personally -- and other National Politicians as well -- much like I too have such contacts).

4. I STILL have heard NOTHING from anyone about the REMOVAL of Andre Tyler Breton from Gold Walker's 4th Street property. I HOPE it is going well, but since I discovered that my back is NOT YET AS HEALED as I had thought (but continuing to improve, and the weather has been as "cold as a witch's tit"), I'm glad it's taking A LITTLE MORE TIME -- HA!!!



Saturday, December 9, 2017

My Letter Sent to North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein -- and Copied to a Few Others:

William Rand Kenan, Senior, was the ONLY Confederate credited with breaching Washington, DC security and taking a clear shot at President Lincoln. He MISSED -- but killed Lincoln's Aide.

There was just something about his EYES . . . 

Yes, I know it's been snowing -- even in Hotlanta -- but with this photo I bid Fall farewell for 2017.

Attorney General Josh Stein

Attorney General Josh Stein
9001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-9001

December 9, 2017

Dear Mr. Stein,

I hope this letter reaches you – unlike my letter of September 10 of this year, which I'd sent via your secured-server form. You never responded, and I suspect that Traitors in your organization kept you from receiving it. I published it here on my blog, and it was VERY popular, so many people think you really DID get it:

You and I actually met at a planning/strategy meeting of the New Hanover County Democrats, early fall, 2016. The fact that I am 6’ 11” tall (the tallest Kenan in World History), might be memorable. Anyone who has looked my surname up in the Bible Dictionary knows it means “The Sadness” or “Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness”, and that PERFECTLY describes my wealthy distant relatives, headed by Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill and his stepmother, Betty (Price) Kenan of Durham.

In 1990, top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta, where I lived 1983 – 2010, told me my parents are America’s TOP NAZIS, and that proved to be true. That same year, I needed some advice from a lawyer, and called Frank Hawkins Kenan’s brother, James Graham Kenan (who since then heavily endowed the Atlanta History Center, across the street from his residence on Andrews Drive). He being somewhat senile and retired, referred me to his nephew on his Catholic wife’s side, Gregg Loomis, and when Gregg and I met in person, he told me that the wealthy Kenans hate only JEWS more than they hate “niggers” – which I’ve found is also true.

A good friend of mine via the internet in 2010, Jonathan Reiner (first cousin to Rob and nephew of Carl), made me an “Honorary Jew” when I first published my parents’ position that year – and ALL HELL broke out and Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer, Army Col. Dottie Newman (retired – and a close friend of mine), then got me to Mexico for most of five years in Political Exile. TODAY, my father is dead, and my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, 94 and fit of mind, lives in Raleigh and she completely SUPPORTS my writing you and my Political Work, she having had a CHANGE OF HEART!!!

As Sheriff Ed McMahon of New Hanover County knows best, I am into HEALINGS, not punishments, although ACTUAL Law Enforcement must be in charge of who faces Criminal Charges – not ME.

When I called Mom this morning, I again noticed that she is listed on my phone just beneath the direct number for Rob Reiner’s Admin, and I was THILLED today to see Rob wishing Joy Reid of MSNBC a Happy Birthday – I had not seen Rob in the media since he and David Frum initiated Committee to Investigate Russia. Here is the letter I sent them, then:

Although I DID continue registered as a Democrat when I very recently moved within Wilmington, I did so after being impressed with our NC Representative, Deb Butler, but I am NOT tied to Party. I supported Bernie Sanders, and could have accepted John Kasich, the only adult among the Republicans. The Clintons – with the Bushes, Cheney, and CIA (and blackmailed homosexual Barack Obama), have Narco-Trafficked with my Kenan Family and many Christian Churches for many decades.

In the interest of not going too long, I wish to REMIND YOU that Gov. Roy Cooper was in YOUR position for ten years before elected Governor, so necessarily helped the Kenan Family Narco-Trafficking in NC, especially in Wilmington, which my parents set up in the 1980s and 90s with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and Father Robert J. Kus, now of St. Mary’s Catholic (I know/knew both of them well) – and PPD Pharmaceuticals, originally owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families. 

That anyone thinks those who set up the Drug Trade (like virtually EVER Politician of BOTH Parties here in Wilmington and New Hanover County), will actually FIX IT, is as STUPID as an Evangelical Christian!!!

This letter will be copied to many you refer to on your new website to combat this problem, and then it will be published here: Hit the header at top to get the full blog.

And I will email it out to my list of about 230 Political Contacts, which is always changing slightly, but I published most recently here:

I hope to hear from you THIS TIME, and from any of the others in North Carolina actually trying to resolve this scourge of hard drugs, brought on by my Kenan Family – both distant and near – and so many Christian Churches and BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES, who all gave into GREED, over the LOVE of the One God known by many names to different cultures.

Mazel Tov!!!

Scott David Kenan
Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


Letter just sent to Attorney General Josh Stein by his Secured Server -- My Kenan Family RUNS Narco-Trafficking -- should interest everyone copied here:

To: info
Cc: scott, gdebose, David.jenkins, jkumar, sanya.t.eller, matkins, info, lharrison, lflynch, Ken.schultz, thomas.bashore, info, lockyourmeds, janeanne.gonzales, beinjuryfreenc, anna, mcheek, meghan.l.hartzog, projectalert, info, recovery,, info, ncacperwin, ltolson, sandie, info, ncjainformation, ncsa, jbyrd, info

And then the letter, as above -- which I sent SUCCESSFULLY via the NC Justice Department's Secured Server -- as well as the one in "Contact", here:


Friday, December 8, 2017

Gold Walker and Tomi Matheson BOTH Managed Kenan-Built Carolina Apartments -- and LOOK How Much BETTER Gold Walker Is Doing!!!

Carolina Apartments opened in 1905 as a hotel that hosted Royalty and Heads of State. It was built by William Rand Kenan, Jr. (whose father had led the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection). Junior -- or Will, as he was called, was PROUD that it was THEN the most technologically advanced building in all of North Carolina!!!

William R. Kenan, Jr. served as Henry Flagler's TOP DEPUTY, and took Flagler's VISIONS and made them REAL, Flagler calling him the BEST BUSINESSMAN he'd ever met. Everything credited to Flagler -- especially in Florida, after 1900 -- was actually the work of Mr. Kenan.

Since Flagler left his ENTIRE ESTATE to Mary Lily Kenan, Will continued running all of Flagler's enterprises -- EXCEPT Standard Oil, that John D. Rockefeller who had less stock than Flagler, ran first for Flagler, and then for the Kenan Family, who now control its successor, Exxon-Mobil, and put Donald Trump into power to profit from Kenan lifelong employee Rex Tillerson's LOVE OF VLADIMIR PUTIN, and the alliance of the Kenan Family to Putin/Russia, so that the Kenan Family can profit from developing Russia's vast Oil Reserves.

WRK, Jr. -- who eventually moved in to live his last years with his lifelong male secretary Schuyler Beatty after his "horsey", barren wife died early, also gave the City of Wilmington Kenan Memorial Fountain, but HATED the small-minded, bigoted Christians of Wilmington, and NEVER returned after leaving -- only mentioning the city in a few lines in his autobiography.

Photo I took several months ago, of the William Rand Kenan (Sr.) House at 110 Nun Street, where Will grew up that had become completely run down because it was inhabited by MAJOR NARCO-TRAFFICKERS, protected by Democrat former NC Representative Suzi Hamilton, who lived less than a block away, and ANY Politician who was NOT FIGHTING it and lived that close HAD TO BE profiting from that trafficking. Here, you see it has been abandoned and boarded up.

Suzi Hamilton with one of her TOP ALLIES in Drug Trafficking, now disgraced former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby, who is NOW employed by the Kenan Family with a Seat on the Board of UNC System!!!

Suzi Hamilton was quickly appointed to Democratic Governor Roy Cooper's Cabinet as Secretary of Natural and Cultural Resources. And Roy Cooper's top paid Campaign Manager in Wilmington said that EVERYONE KNOWS that Roy Cooper is BIG into Kenan Family Narco-Trafficking with Wilmington's Politicians and Christian Churches -- but at least he's not the RACIST that Republican Governor Pat McCrory is.

Roy Cooper was the Attorney General of North Carolina for TEN YEARS before being elected Governor -- so was a HUGE FORCE in the GROWTH of Narco-Trafficking in the State -- with my Kenan Family.

Ryan Lee Burris (on far right), and his now DEAD OF AN OVERDOSE fiance, Wes Taylor, not only admitted to me his relationship with Thom Goolsby in Narco-Trafficking, but was a Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair in the County -- and HEAD of Cape Fear Equality, which he seems to have turned into a GAY NARCO-TRAFFICKING CLUB.

Of course everyone knows that Carolina Apartments was used in the filming of Blue Velvet, and while it was being filmed, the "Carolina" sign over the door was replaced with "Deep River Apartments" -- AND during that time, I dated Thomas S. Kenan III's most recent long-term boyfriend, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, who lived there!!!

Today, Curtis Robbie Anderson is in the Music Ministry of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, downtown on Market Street -- and REFUSES to even speak to me.

I have used this to represent Gold Walker -- and it is a little extreme (in the eye make-up). Gold is 68 years old, heavy, with long hair like this, and OFTEN with a flower in her hair in the style of Billie Holiday. And she is seen walking very slowly dressed in a muu-muu between her house and her "escape apartment" across 4th Street, all the neighbors knowing that she likes to cook with oregano and drink a wee bit of wine.

She is not known to attend any churches or social functions at all, and pretty much stays to herself and others who like to stay OUT of the limelight -- preferring to relax in her own way.

Gold Walker managed Carolina Apartments for five years when she was young -- for George Cutter, who still owns it and harbors MANY Narco-Traffickers like Jennifer McCracken, a Mormon whose brother is a TOP CIA Narco-Trafficker on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force, and Jennifer knew ALL ABOUT former BBC star of radio and TV Colin Stuart Hamilton's murder by the CIA in Puerto Vallarta 2.5 years ago.

Jennifer McCracken in known to have at least four aliases, and TODAY is so over-medicated with psychoactive drugs, I am surprised she functions at all.

The info about it I got from Jennifer, I published on this blog -- and then the English Press in Mexico RE-PRINTED what I had published, because Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico's President who was put into power by Rex Tillerson, the Kenan Family, the CIA, and Hillary Clinton's State Department had a NEWS BLACK-OUT about it!!!

And all that on Pena Nieto was VERIFIED by the retired Exxon-Mobil exec I met in a Carl's Jr. near the Costco in Puerto Vallarta in early 2015.

Tomi Matheson and her boyfriend, John Tarleton, were the Manager and Maintenance Man for George Cutter when I lived in Carolina Apartments, late June 2015 until September 15 of that year, when I was EVICTED for blogging about the Narco-Trafficking and Crack-Whore operations that ran on my 6th floor. John SPLIT at about that same time, and Tomi had a VERY bad Meth habit.

Matheson, Tomi Ellen2017-02-14, Mug Shot -- one of TWO arrests early this year.

So DON'T TELL ME that Gold Walker isn't doing a HELL OF A LOT BETTER!!! (And Gold has NEVER been arrested!!!)


1. Today, I had a meeting with several top Wilmington reps of SPECTRUM CABLE in person, and they have CONFIRMED that they are INVESTIGATING AND REMOVING Christian Employees who were hired by Time Warner Cable, who have been causing TROUBLE for anyone fighting Wilmington's CHRISTIAN NARCO-TRAFFICKING run by Mayor Saffo, D.A.s Ben and Jon David, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, Sheriff Ed McMahon -- and of course THOM GOOLSBY.

I THANKED THEM for having made a LOT OF PROGRESS, already, and promised to write the CEO in Connecticut about all of that IN APPRECIATION.

2. I heard NOTHING from Gold Walker, so I ASSUME she was NOT able to get Andre Tyler Breton's Probation Officer, Amy Cleary, to GET TYLER OUT of my old apartment, so I guess they have to continue through the EVICTION PROCESS.

3. I got an AMAZING EMAIL from Attorney General Josh Stein -- whom I met when he spoke at THIS New Hanover County Democrats Meeting, fall 2016:

Current Head of New Hanover County Democrats Richard Poole is seen far left, bent over, I am the "gray head" behind him making a note, and Ryan Lee Burris sits in my row on the aisle in pale yellow shirt.

Anyway, Congressman David Rouzer, and the Leaders of the Net-Neutrality Protest, yesterday at a local Verizon store -- which was NOT reported ANYWHERE in Wilmington's Press, although they reported it was to happen -- will have to wait, as I will FIRST and MORE IMPORTANTLY be in touch with Josh Stein!!!

4. I just went to crack open a beer and DROPPED my Liberty Hall, Kenansville logo-ed ceramic beer stein, breaking it!!! So I thought to check to see if Liberty Hall -- which had its website still up, but it's TOUR down for renovation, has NOTHING UP AT ALL, NOW!!!

Could it BE because or their connection to DONALD TRUMP???


At LEAST John Waters Sent Me His Christmas Card (after DISRESPECTING me when we met in 2015)!!! / My Banker at Wells Fargo Was SHOCKED by All the CRAP Gold Walker and Jon Deputy Have Given Me OVER MY MOVE!!!

For what it's WORTH, this is Waters' card -- LOL!!!

John Waters REFUSED TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE I was Tennessee Williams's last assistant at the 2015 -- where I ALSO met with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore', and the top STAFF of the Festival KNEW that Sewanee/Episcopal Church MURDERED Tennessee, but the Episcopal Church keeps Thomas Elliot Keith on staff to keep it CORRUPTED and away from the TRUTH about Tenn's Death.

Me, Thomas Elliot Keith, and his shorter Colombian boyfriend, Arturo, at the 2009 Installation of Tennessee's Poet's Stone in Episcopal Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in NYC.

Arturo's family all live in Stone Mountain, GA and are at the HEART of the HARD-DRUG Trafficking that Gen. Honore' knows all about and that it is LED by my Kenan Family -- and Frank Hawkins Kenan worked with Sewanee, the Republican Party, and the CIA to murder Tennessee and steal his estate, now worth well over $ Half Billion, from Harvard University.

This was WHAT Jackie Kennedy Onassis told Tennessee would happen at the January 11, 1982 party thrown by George Plimpton and Jean Babette Stein (Jean was FORCED to jump to her death in Manhattan late this past spring -- because of what she knows):

Jean Stein about 1982 when I knew her.

ANOTHER person forced to jump to his death was my friend Evan Fish -- by Wilmington Police (and verified to me by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies also on the scene) -- BECAUSE Evan knew all about my former employer, Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc, Snellville, GA, supplying the Politicians of BOTH Parties and the Christian Churches and Clergy of Wilmington with HARD DRUGS!!!

Patrick was also closely associated with my Kenan Family and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Newt Gingrich, and other TOP REPUBLICANS TODAY -- and Arturo/Thomas Keith/Episcopal Church):

Evan Fish

But at least John Lahr -- at that same 2015 TW Fest in New Orleans -- PUBLICLY recognized me as THE AUTHORITY on the last two years of Tennessee Williams's life.

But what I find ODD, is that John Lahr's Facebook page has largely gone DEAD the last year -- and only I have posted to it, but not now recently

>>> WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY BANKER and several other professionals I have discussed Gold Walker's and John Deputy's words and actions with (and THANK GOD I documented all of it in REAL TIME on this blog for Court -- if necessary): 

It was ABSURD for Gold and John to claim I had any responsibility in getting Andre Tyler Breton out of the apartment, as ANYONE halfway familiar with North Carolina Law knows. YES, he lied to me and them about when he would leave, and he lied to them claiming he had paid LOTS OF MONEY IN ADVANCE to me to live there. The ONLY money he paid me was $100.00 for the first two weeks of November, and then I gave him a $150.00 credit toward rent for his labor repairing my brakes.

At $50.00/week for November (but it was to be HIGHER in December and forward), at that STEADY RATE, his credit ran out on Dec. 6, regardless.

I HOPE Gold was able to contact Tyler's Probation Officer, Amy Cleary, and that she has gotten him out -- but I've heard NOTHING, although Gold was glad to hear I was prepared to go in and remove anything left and clean up, as soon as she told me he is OUT.

There being no damage, I should have no charges -- BUT he might damage things since I left, and we'll just have to see about that.

After I got so much encouragement from so many actual professionals in the know about these things, I will NO LONGER WORRY about it, and hope to get the news Tyler is OUT, soon.

And AGAIN, I wish to THANK so many at many levels of SPECTRUM, who told me they are AWARE of Christians having CORRUPTED their Wilmington work force, and HARASSING and messing with the connections of those who OPPOSE the Christian Drug Mafia here -- run by Mayor Bill Saffo, etc.

Mayor Bill Saffo (Democrat)

"Hot Greek Man" from, who wanted to date me and told me he had worked for 30 years in NYC for Bill Saffo's UNCLE, who RUNS the Saffo Mafia and gives Bill Saffo ALL HIS ORDERS!!!

It's BEGINNING to look a lot like CHRISTMAS, no???