Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ain't THIS the Truth!!!

Of course SOME mamas are more like this (not mine!!!):



Wide Majorities Losing Faith In John Roberts' Supreme Court, Want Term Limits

 | by  Ryan Grim

An overwhelming majority of voters would support sweeping reforms to the Supreme Court, as trust and confidence in the institution has eroded in recent years, according to a new survey by the Democratic-aligned firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.
Wide majorities disagree with the recent 5-4 party-line rulings that have upended a century of campaign finance law and tilted the rules in favor of the extremely wealthy and major corporations. The landmark Citizens United ruling was opposed by a whopping 80-18 margin. The more recent McCutcheon decision, which lifted caps on total giving, was said by a 51 percent majority to be likely to create more corruption, while 8 percent suggested it would lead to less.
By a 60-36 spread, those surveyed said that Supreme Court justices were more likely to be carrying out a personal or political agenda than working to render a fair and impartial judgment, an opinion that cut across party lines. John Roberts swore before Congress during his confirmation hearings that he had great respect for precedent. But once confirmed as chief justice, he embarked on a remarkable run of conservative judicial activism that has favored the wealthy while undermining affirmative action and protection for voting rights.
Overall approval of the Supreme Court has been falling since its 5-4 Bush v. Gore decision handed the presidency to George W. Bush in 2000, according to Gallup.


Wilmington, North Carolina (New Hanover County) Sheriff Ed McMahon beat his Democratic primary challenger (his former boss), winning 80% of the vote, yesterday. I hope Ed now gets his ACT TOGETHER  -- he has NO RECORD of the five times I was in his jail in 2011 and 2012 (and he ERASED the record of Robert Arnold Trahan, who HAD been listed):

Robbie Trahan worked primarily for District Attorney Ben David -- SPYING ON ME!!!

And Sheriff McMahon CLAIMED TO ME, he knew nothing about his Deputies protecting the mini-subs that unload drugs under Snow's Cut Bridge!!!

3. Not only that, but yesterday, one of the NC State Senators, in neighboring District 8, Republican Bill Rabon, was caught leaving the scene of his hitting a parked car in Wilmington. He claimed to have been drinking with Mayor Saffo and another Democrat, and had NO IDEA he had hit the parked car, but NEVERTHELESS, witnesses claimed he "peeled rubber" leaving the scene -- so I guess he is now TOAST -- HA!!!

Bill Rabon -- LOVED by "tighty-whiteys".

4. Perhaps most importantly, yesterday, without "guidance from Chicago", I determined the correct thing to do in the Chicago Legal Matter -- regardless anyone else's actions -- and spent nearly TEN HOURS correcting the identities of Jed Clampon (who via Saper Law, Chicago had sued me without serving me and tried me in absentia without my defense, etc. -- Daliah Saper in control and Wilmington, NC D.A. Benjamin R. David's INTERN Jeff Duncan while I was in trouble in Ben David's court in 2011 - 12, who got his first JOB with Saper Law, Chicago about the time that bogus lawsuit got going GOOD:


Jeff Duncan


So I am NOT "correcting" the identities of Daliah Saper (Fox didn't even bother spelling her name right, above), Saper Law, or Jeff Duncan, but I also have corrected former Saper lawyer (who fled so he didn't go to prison over what they did to me), Emerson Oertel. And I like him because his family brewed beer in Louisville, KY when I was in grade school there:

And of course the lawyer subcontracted by Saper Law, Mr. Bob Breck, has also been corrected.

Now I just wait to see their PROPOSAL meant to END some LEGAL HELL!!!



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