Saturday, May 24, 2014

Celebrating William R. Kenan, Jr. (via a white lunkhead in North Carolina)!!!



Rejoined Sam's Club....for $ get a pizza, cheesecake, a 5 x 7 portrait and a $20 gift card and a years basically you get your membership for free!
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  • Scott Kenan Only white racist CHRISTIANS go to Sam's Club. They are hurting because Costco has higher quality, pays living wages, and the clientele isn't mostly trailer trash. Costco has growing sales and profit while Sam's Club has been hurting -- despite Walmart standing behind them.
  • Christy Tucker I'm happy with our Sam's Club membership and I AM NOT a racist! We bought our membership through Zulily  Not being a fan of pizza I must admit, it was delicious!
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  • Harry Niser They just love you BB!
  • Christy Tucker We had fun shopping there and the people were all super friendly!
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  • Scott Kenan We all shop, worship, and have sex at our own levels.
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  • Bill Benjamin Scott...I agree...but I am not sure where Sam's Club is a place for just Christians...and for the record...when Christy & I went in there to complete our membership, it was done by TWO African-American females....and they were a pure joy....and I assure you, I am not trailer trash....just your average american....sorry Sam's Club has not been up to expectations, but that's ok, it's what makes America great...we all have choices and opinions....
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  • Scott Kenan Bill: No one realizes how much American's all have their heads up their butts until they get away from the country -- even the best of us. In my English-speaking writers group here in Puerto Vallarta, the Republicans and Democrats alike are over both sides of the aisle, and things waxed political with the TWO big news items that got LITTLE to no mention in the US Press from this past Friday: 

(In my breaking this into paragraphs, the formatting got changed, inexplicably.)

  • 1. The UN Committee on Torture designated the Catholic Church as a rogue agency for sexual violence toward children (and women to a lesser extent), putting them legally into the same category the UN put George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld into several years ago (also rarely seen in the US Press, but covered well world-wide), which is why none of those three leave the USA often -- only a few countries will let them land or refuel a jet without arresting them and delivering them to the Hague for trial on War Crimes. 

  • Anyway this will make it MUCH EASIER for victims to sue the Catholic Church. 

  • 2. The other item was the Party-line vote in the US House on the same day in which the Republicans added an amendment FORBIDDING the Pentagon to base any decision on Climate Science, or spend any money studying it. The US Military is the BIGGEST part of government MOST concerned about climate changes -- not just the stronger storms, droughts, fires, etc., (including creeping water-inundation -- already beginning), but the HUGE impact on human populations world-wide and the threat to ALL countries' security this will cause, as it already is in some places. 

  • I have a bone to pick with Walmart (who put Bill Clinton in power -- he helping Walmart destroy Small Town USA as well as expanding US CIA narco-trafficking in Latin America more than EITHER President Bush, for whom he worked -- ask any Mexican!!!) -- and he put the CIA in Stone Mountain, GA to protect the HUGE narco-operation running through there that I documented in 1990, getting thrown in jail for 15 weeks on false charges of simple trespass and forced from 1990 - 2009 to take psychoactive drugs that gave me a virtual chemical lobotomy. 

  • So after I got off that and discovered not only how my wealthy relatives who founded UNC (all people have good and bad aspects -- part of the Human Condition), are making TONS of money off narco-trafficking -- and my mother as well -- Walmart's leader of the group that files bogus lawsuits against people who say anything against Walmart was the first of five who poisoned me for the CIA in 2010 -- after she also admitted that farmland in the US is so high-priced now, because Walmart has been secretly buying up as much as possible to eventually TOTALLY control food prices. 

  • And I got annoyed with you when I saw at your daughter's UNC graduation that you posted a picture showing you like the protector of inferior womankind -- even referring to your daughter demeaningly as "My Little Tigger". It is just sad to see so many Americans so brainwashed and not even knowing it. That's all -- and I'm sure you are more "advanced" than many people you know.
  • Scott Kenan FYI: Bill, I won't argue with you or your friends -- it is a waste of time discussing with people who don't have as many primary sources as I do. But I felt I owed you an explanation -- and yes, I went overboard in my earlier comments. As my fave Catholic nun (seventh grade), loved to say: "A word to the wise is sufficient."
  • Bill Benjamin Scott...let's get a few facts straight..she is my Little TICKER not Tigger...and that is a nickname that I gave her as a term of endearment to her ..I take exception to you saying i demeaned my can have whatever opinion you want of Sam's Club...but when you get to the point of commenting on me and may daughter...well then you have gone too far....I never put you down for your thoughts, but be accurate on your thoughts that is all I ask...
  • Bill Benjamin Amazing to be so smart to call me that??
  • Scott Kenan GO CHRISTIANS!!!
  • Scott Kenan The End.
  • Bill Benjamin you are just stupid....she is my little girl...what is wrong with that, and where did i say she was less???
  • Scott Kenan OK, not quite. How many young men do you shelter and affectionately call by cute little names??? You don't even know what you do. Sad.
  • Bill Benjamin what I do in my personal life is none of your dare you judge....amazing...glad you can live with that....
  • Scott Kenan It is not YOUR personal life when another person is abused psychologically. This attitude is NOT just shared by Christians, but by perverted-type Muslims as well. Don't worry -- my Family made certain your daughter got an EXCELLENT education, so now as she goes on her own (presumably), she can find her own way.

  • Bill Benjamin what??? are you accusing me of abusing my daughter??
  • Bill Benjamin and your family did not do anything for my daughter....I paid for her to go...but if YOUR family would like to pay me back....let me know where to send the invoice....and another thing what does any of this have to do with Sam's Club.....
  • Bill Benjamin just stop...I can only take but just so much stupidity in one night...
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  • Scott Kenan Psychologically. Go to one of the 86 major US Universities who get MORE PRIVATE MONEY from Kenan Charities than from any other private source -- so you can read correctly. UNC's rates are so low compared to many schools and you have no appreciation of that. Google for the address of the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust and send a check there if you care to. Good night Bill --
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