Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Moving Forward . . .

"Ummmmm, is it just me....... or is Steven Tyler of Aerosmith starting to look like a cool grandma?" (Comment and photo found on Facebook.)

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1. I've spoke with my mother a few times lately, and she seems to be relaxing and can even discuss some politics with me -- she sees that I am trying for the REFORMS she also would like to see, and she sees I am NOT partisan, politically. Mom dedicated her life to WORLD DOMINATION by the Roman Catholic Church via NAZI principles of CONTROL, never once having questioned Catholic Church Authority -- because that is how she was INDOCTRINATED, and at age six not only did her un-kosherized, unhygienic and "retarded" uncle make her give him many blow jobs, but the Ku Klux Klan burned a cross on the front yard because my Catholic grandfather ran for County Clerk (as a Democrat), this in about 1929 in Brookville, Indiana, about 50 miles northwest of Cincinnati, Ohio. He WON but because they threatened many who voted for grandpa, he conceded the election to prevent the promised violence.

Mom always said her father, especially, treated her and ALL women except his wife, like a yard dog -- and I remember him well and YES HE DID, even after Grandpa moved in with us after my grandmother died in 1956, he STILL treated Mom like his personal servant. So I understand how Mom went down this dark path. But I seek reform via knowledge and openness and have no real interest in anyone's punishment at all.


2. Although I have been waiting for more guidance from Chicago in the matter of clearing up some things in this blog, there is more I realized this morning that I can and should do now, so I expect to be pretty busy.

That said, if I don't get some guidance from them soon, we will have come to this:

or this:



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