Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Sadly, someone GROSSLY misspelled my name.




Apparently, Vito's father and grandfather got in trouble as Mafiosa, but Vito has never been involved (JFK, RFK, and their generation FOUGHT THE MOB, although Old Man Kennedy (Joe), was not only Irish Mafia but on behalf the Catholic Pope pushed harder than ANYONE except Henry Ford for the US to join Hitler -- this didn't work, but the Pope made Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy a Countess of the Catholic Church, a title that had been bestowed on NO ONE for a couple of hundred years -- check Wikipedia if you don't believe me -- for TRYING SO HARD to get America to go NAZI

Also, my uncles, Marcellus "Mart/Marty" Bernard Meyer, late of Michigan City, Indiana -- an FBI agent, then lawyer in private practice who COMPLAINED in front of me in 1968 that people continued to SUE HIM for his work as an FBI agent, and Robert J. Meyer, DDS, were BLACKLISTED by President Roosevelt's government so they could NOT fight in the European Theater in WWII because if their NAZI SYMPATHIES. And my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan got a special award from Henry Ford in the early 1940s.

This is also why Republicans drive Fords and Lincolns. 

So Fox is PISSED that the NFL has no comment about a young man who is unlike his Dad or Grandfather!!!

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Rosemary Kennedy

Tennessee Williams and Rose Williams in the early 1980s.

The reason Tennessee Williams and the Kennedys first became such intimate friends is because RABID Catholic Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy had INSISTED that Rose Kennedy's "sexual precociousness" be cut from her head -- just like Edwina (Dakin) Williams, a RABID Episcopalian, insisted be done to Rose Williams (who had the SECOND pre-frontal lobotomy performed in the USA).

My OWN mother, of the next generation, insisted I be effectively lobotomized on Lithium Carbonate -- which she succeeded in forced ways for THIRTY-ONE YEARS until 2009. So if I seem somewhat peculiar to you, it is because I am still trying to find out what it is like to have a NORMALLY FUNCTIONING BRAIN!!!

So perhaps you can forgive me if I fixate a bit on SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER!!!

"You've got to cut this hideous story out of her brain, Dr. Sugar."

3. This whole thing is too annoying to me, and frankly, I would like to watch EVERY SINGLE PROFESSING CATHOLIC and EVERY SINGLE PROFESSING EPISCOPALIAN (and everyone who has given a DIME to the Republican Party the last twenty years), flogged until their skin is removed in bloody shreds.

This Confederate Mace, tying the Episcopal Church with the Confederate States of America, was the Symbol of Sewanee's power and NOT retired until 2005!!!

Thomas S. Kenan III and his immediate family and ancestors gave THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH (the real name of Sewanee) the BULK of the upwards of $100,000,000.00 they gave the Episcopal Church over the last 90 years.

But all this CLEARLY EXPRESSED, I'm now over it (for now, anyway).

Mahalalel, aka The Prince of Peace, follows Kenan (meaning "the sadness" or "unbridled greed and acquisitiveness"), in Chronicles 1 in the Judeo-Christian Bible (fourth in the line of Adam to Noah).

Many Bible scholars insist that these represent AGES, not people.

I prefer to call this NEW AGE the Age of the Artist.

If YOU haven't joined God's People yet, I hope you find enough healing in your heart to do so PRONTO!!!



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