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Since Last Blogging, I Heard from Kelly Trainor de O (Consular Agent in Nuevo Vallarta), as well as My Mother!!!

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This is GREAT, but WHY doesn't the FBI in Wilmington go after the narco-trafficking Politicians of BOTH PARTIES and the Christian Ministers of God who are the BACKBONE of the Drug Mafia here??? 

BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL CHRISTIANS and allied with the Swastika and the Ku Klux Klan -- my KENAN FAMILY centered around Chapel Hill. I GOT the Kenan Family Secrets, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis told Tennessee Williams and me much of US Government corruption at Jean Babette Stein's party on January 11, 1982. 

Just two weeks ago, Ms. Stein, the largest stockholder in Comcast Cable, NBC Networks, Universal Studios and Music Groups, was forced by the US Government to jump to her death because she stands up for TRUTH!!! 

And Wilmington Christians bully me since I moved here 2011, even killing a couple of my friends here in Wilmington, like Evan Fish by Wilmington Police on Sept. 3, 2011, this VERIFIED by Sheriff's Deputies also there at the time.« less

Evan's Evangelical Church in Ohio made him into a Christmas Ornament, and the TWO TIMES I emailed his Pastor there, I got NO REPLY, but I got "received receipts" both times -- and THEY were invitations to join the NRA (National Rifle Association).

In 2013, I wrote and copied EIGHTY-EIGHT "Faith Leaders" in Wilmington on this, and NONE OF THEM RESPONDED!!!


1. A few minutes ago (12:45 PM), my Spectrum TV Cable service went TOTALLY OUT, but I still have internet service. A tech is scheduled to arrive in just over an hour.

Last night, returning from errands, I found a door hanger from Spectrum that they had been MISSED when they arrived at 6:00 PM. I thought they messed up the time, but soon realized they were here to see Denise Wood downstairs -- NO apartment number was listed, just the address. SHE had been home the whole time as she nearly always is the last week -- but OFTEN turns off her phone and sleeps long hours COMATOSE, which she must have done, forgetting her appointment.

And yesterday, while Sam Celia was away at work, I TWICE had to turn on the front porch light that landlady Gold Walker wants on 24/7 for security and will NOT install a twilight sensor to save energy. Denise knows this and is TOO HIGH to think.

2. GOOD NEWS from my Alma Mater, Denison University, that BLOCKED ME FROM COMMENTING two years ago, and CUT ME OFF from receiving the Alumni Magazine nearly a year ago now. I will NEVER EVER give them a donation, and give that money to DUKE UNIVERSITY and the KENAN INSTITUTE FOR ETHICS, instead.

Denison is a GOD-HATING BAPTIST (American, NOT Southern), Institution:
Denison has created the gold standard in career preparation with the Austin E. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration at Denison University. And the world is taking note.
Congratulations to President Adam Weinberg for this national recognition of Denison's commitment to supporting the aspirations of our students and alumni.

Denison President Adam Weinberg has been recognized for his exceptional efforts to promote and develop innovative approaches to career development.

3. Just now, I checked for my mail and Gold Walker was outside, so I called to her about how cable is coming back soon to AGAIN try to get my service corrected, and if it's the SAME GUY, Denise Wood and I will FIGHT over his hotness, again.

She laughed and said that she would NEVER want to get into ANY kind of a fight with Denise, as Denise scares her, and I said, "Oh, I think she knows she's soon going to prison for narco-trafficking." And Gold gave me a giant "SHHHHHH!!!", and I laughed and said, "I've been publishing that on blog for at least a WEEK, and she hasn't shot me with her loaded gun."

4. I was SUPER-SURPRISED to hear late yesterday from Kelly Trainor, originally appointed Consular Agent for Puerto Vallarta by Bill Clinton -- giving me her NEW EMAIL ADDRESS so she does NOT MISS any of my emailed Blog Postings!!!

For some reason, Kelly Trainor had a THING for excited balloons!!!

In 2010, my mother conspired with Kelly -- and through the US State Department PAID Dr. John Mabrey Crouch, recommended by Kelly, to try to convince me to go on HEAVY PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS. He DID try very hard, but he ALSO admitted all KINDS of things, including that as an American getting his education as an MD in Mexico, he fell in love with the country and stayed, soon marrying a woman that SURPRISE TO HIM, was then the TOP exporter of Cocaine from Mexico to the USA, and he said THAT was how he was forced into the CIA for LIFE!!!

He even asked me to one day PUBLISH THE TRUTH OF HIS STORY!!!

Part of ithttp://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2012/05/benjamin-shields-self-proclaimed-cia.html

Eventually, Dr. Crouch let me stay in his long-neglected nursery in his roofed but chicken-wired shack -- if I resuscitated his plants so he could make money selling them. THAT was where I sat in the middle of the plants every night texting Americans of my plight, while a herd of coyote-like mammals migrated through about 40 at a time, as the outside fence was a shambles. They were BIGGER than American coyotes and maybe just similar, and they ALWAYS rubbed their cold noses and fur on my bare legs as they passed, but I KNEW I should not attempt to pet them.

Eventually, I needed CASH, so I took the empty propane cylinder to get the $40.00 deposit, and a week later, Dr. Crouch came to do the SAME THING, he being BROKE!!!

That was the end of THAT shelter, and after pulling his Mexican girlfriend's SUPER-POPULAR taco stand apart with his truck over sexual jealousy, Dr. Crouch was SOON ON THE LAM, and remains hiding in central Mexico from authorities.

I'm going to send Kelly Trainor a personal NOTE to let her know how GLAD I am that we had our time together -- some of my BEST STORY MATERIAL!!!

5. And when I spoke at great length with my mother in Raleigh this morning, SHE was fine hearing that the current President of Notre Dame is reading/has read my recent two letters to him, including these things that I specifically mentioned to Mom:

A. My visiting campus with Tennessee Williams in 1982.

B. My parents' connection to Lou Holtz -- as well as my Uncle Bob's being official dentist to the football team.

C. Uncle Bob's UNTIMELY DEMISE, as he was MURDERED by the Veteran's Hospital in southern Mississippi (now long closed), because not only did Uncle Bob let his daughter Janet "Jan" (Meyer) Opperman (and later Larsen), marry a JEW, but because it had become OBVIOUS that Bob was GAY, something Robert J. Meyer, DDS had TWICE admitted to ME in no uncertain terms.


I learned that he was a Christian Youth Minister after being a bouncer in bars, and is ready to hit any sucker who gives him trouble, and see's NO CONFLICT with Jesus's Teachings in that.

He said he CAN'T smoke pot because he was a Christian Youth Minister in Carolina Beach before becoming a cable installer (Advanced Tech, in fact), just this last January. It SOUNDS like he might be on PROBATION, no??? He USED to smoke pot and is not against it.

Anyway, in tracing ALL the lines including trying to get to an old one that runs through the crawl space that is the entire basement except about the back twelve feet across the space, we learned that the outside covered door to the basement and crawl space only LOOKS LOCKED, but the padlocked hardware is NOT screwed in on one side, so is ALWAYS OPEN TO ANYONE!!!

And Sam Celia, who's lived downstairs for years and years, his friend Jill who used to hang around a lot, and maybe even Denise Wood (and two others of Sam Celia's friends -- Sam the former supplier of the BEST LSD to Jerry Garcia, Dr. Timothy Leary, and Leary's former lover Theodore "Ted" Druch of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, now married to a CHRISTIAN BITCH), ALL claim there is a door in the front of the crawl space that leads into Underground Wilmington, that TODAY is used for Drug Mafia Hangouts, Houses of Prostitution, etc.

Wilmington, North Carolina EXACTLY 200 years before I graduated high school -- 1769.

The three Kenan brothers had arrived in the 1730s.

Jacob's Run tunnel, part of Underground Wilmington.

Ted Druch

Jewish Ted Druch's Christian wife, Maria Ruiz

But property owner Gold Walker has ALWAYS insisted this is NOT true. Sadly, the two of us today were TOO LARGE to crawl in anyway and find out the answer to that.

But since Gold Walker keeps it LOOKING LOCKED but NEVER LOCKED and there are some things worth stealing in the basement part -- CLEARLY it is so that DRUG MAFIA can come and go AS LONG AS I'M NOT WATCHING!!!

But my cable and internet seem to be working FINE again -- HA!!!


Monday, May 22, 2017

Attachment Just Sent to Spectrum Cable's Insurance Company with My Filled-Out CLAIM!!! -- and MORE GOOD NEWS!!!

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 6:01 PM: 

Today, 5:56 PM

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Thank you for your comments and for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.  Please know that we will read your message carefully, and we appreciate hearing from you.
Ann Firth
Chief of Staff to the President
A reply tohttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/05/my-letter-just-sent-as-follow-up-to.html

* * *

Today, I spent most of the day sorting files and filling in the claim form over the Spectrum truck hitting me on February 13, 2017 (I have not YET begun having Benefits Management/Teri Motsinger investigated by the Social Security Administration):

Because either the CIA or other Hackers will NOT allow me to copy this document from WORD and paste into Blogger -- something I've done many, many times previously with NEVER A PROBLEM -- I got SICK of forcing my computer's power off each time I tried to do that and EVERYTHING FROZE UP.

Finally, I realized that if I was OFF THE INTERNET I could take screen captures and paste them in as IMAGES!!!

CORRECTION: Patrick Stansbury fired me in 2010 -- NOT 1990, as this shows!!!

WHO his noticed the humorous TYPO in the above page??? Hint: One "e" is missing.

Roy Cooper for North Carolina
For the second time in two weeks, the Supreme Court ruled that Republican legislative leaders broke the law.
Today's ruling showed they tried to rig elections by drawing unconstitutional districts that discriminated against African Americans.
Their gerrymandered electoral maps and their bogus voter access law -- both struck down by the Supreme Court -- have the same goal: To win elections at all costs.
Being able to hold free and fair elections is a pillar of our democracy, and today's ruling is a big step in the fight for fairer districts. But we must continue to work to ensure that all of us have an equal shot at the ballot box.


AFTER Visiting Benefits Management, Inc., and then Calling Spectrum Cable's Insurance Claims Specialist Pamela Heisser (who is handling my claim)!!!

Here is my email sent to Benefits Management owner Teri Motsinger, whom I did not see when I picked up today's allowance check:

The situation between your company and me, now: 

FromScott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comhide details
Toteri teri@benefits-management.org
Ccbreakingnews breakingnews@starnewsonline.com, benjamin.r.david benjamin.r.david@nccourts.org,
jkenan02 jkenan02@gmail.com,kenan5 kenan5@aol.com, duffyjr3 duffyjr3@verizon.net,
connor.kenan connor.kenan@gmail.com, scott scott@scottdavidkenan.com,
marlowe.schaeffer marlowe.schaeffer@gmail.com, bojones bojones@verizon.net

Hi Teri,

I hope you are having a great morning. I just returned from picking up my check due today, and was told that the Cable bill has not yet shown paid due to Spectrum's integration problems, and I've been on the phone with them so many times over my continuing and worsening TV and internet service, that I KNOW that must be the case. So no problem.

No one offered any reason whatsoever for why I was told I could NOT have my first check from May money that others got on May 4, and as I told you, if I had NOT gotten a fact and logic based explanation and any "amends" for the lies and delay by today, I will open (or attempt to), an investigation into your company by Social Security Authorities, so THAT is what I will initiate today -- right after contacting Spectrum Cable's insurance company about their truck hitting me. My lawyer and I agreed it best for me to handle it myself.

Also, I just got my car registration bill, and like last year, I will handle that myself and my inspection. My insurance bill will hit soon, and depending on my financial picture when it arrives, it's best that you again pay it, but we might need to do the monthly installments and eat all those service fees.

Thank you for reading this.

Scott Kenan


1. I was up at 5:00 AM, and my TV picture and sound were all pixilating, but it was still watchable until about 8:00 AM, when it became impossible to watch. This was true MOSTLY of news stations including both MSNBC and CNN, but NOT many others that continue to come in perfectly clear. So I called Spectrum Cable, explained that I LOVE how helpful they have been trying to be, but things keep getting WORSE, also true of my internet service, but I know a TON of computer work-arounds that keep me able to access internet despite all the interruptions and HACKER-caused problems.

She scheduled for a tech to come BACK TO MY APARTMENT tomorrow.

2. I called Joseph Faulk in New York, who sounds completely clear of his previous congestion. I asked if he's had any "suicidal thoughts", and Joseph said no, so I told him I'll continue checking in with him to see if he's feeling suicidal every few days -- since he has NO OTHER FRIEND IN THE WORLD, and he lives ILLEGALLY in a building where he must walk up five floors to his place, and he is almost 84 years of age (and showing HIGH SIGNS of either some form of DEMENTIA -- or of CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR).

I again made clear that if I cannot reach him reasonably quickly, I'll call NYC authorities to see if he's had a heart attack or similar. And then I said goodbye and hung up.

3. Last night I was unable to post my list of just over 200 Political Contacts that get each blog posting by email. NONE of these BLOCK ME, but that does not mean they bother READING my materials. This morning the HACKERS had relented, and allowed me to post them all here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/05/finally-after-calling-spectrum-cable.html

4. And then I called Claims Specialist Pamela Heisser at www.esis.com, who handles the Claims against Time Warner/Spectrum Cable's truck drivers' accidents for their actual insurance company.

Things are so COMPLICATED, as she doesn't even work for their Insurance Company!!!

NOW, it is Monday morning, and everyone knows that usually means things have piled up over the weekend, and most people get a bit stressed sorting that out, so I do NOT hold any of this against Ms. Heisser. She said she's now sending me an email with the form she had sent my attorney (while he was still handling this), asking for the final medical bills. That makes sense to me.

I DID tell her that with my PERSONAL SITUATION -- as blogged about too many times already -- of Jean Babette Stein, owner of Comcast Cable, NBC Networks, etc., (Spectrum's BIGGEST COMPETITION), who introduced me to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, being forced to jump to her death three weeks ago -- and the FACT that I'd let Mayor Bill Saffo know I was walking to his office to again DEMAND he release the full Police Report on my friend Evan Fish's death from jumping from a downtown parking garage on about 9/3/2011 -- and that Sheriff's Deputies had VERIFIED that the Police were responsible for Evan's jumping.

Now, Ms. Heisser said that none of that matters, and I said it DID matter because of the PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS on me after being poisoned by the top Political Operative of Walmart Corporation and held hostage in Mexico by DRUG MAFIA (who said they work with the CIA, Clinton State Department, and the Episcopal Church USA -- the link to my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, and many others, and I won't detail all of that again here).

Ms. Heisser said she did NOT want to hear about any of that, and I told her I will be BLOGGING ABOUT ALL OF IT, and my blog has gotten WELL OVER 1,000,000 hits so far. and she then said, "That sounds like a THREAT to me!!!" I replied that I know the Law and a Threat is about physical threats -- NOT accurately reporting the news.

I asked for her Supervisor's name in case I need it, and she said she will include it in the email she will soon send. I have not yet received her email, but I'm certain she is very busy, so it should come soon enough. I am going to INCLUDE HER in the mass-mailing of this blog post, so she sees how I do that, but NONE OTHERS except any I report on my dealings with her company.

And NOW to track down my exterminator, who was maybe coming by late Friday or on Saturday, but did NOT call or show. I should have heard from him by now.

>>> AND JUST NOW I GOT A CLEARLY WRITTEN EMAIL FROM MS. HEISSER, that appears to have all the info and forms I need now!!!


The Kenan Family program I am working with, primarilyhttp://kenan.ethics.duke.edu/