Saturday, July 22, 2017

Drug-Mafia Mayor Bill Saffo Has a CHALLENGER in the Fall Race -- But WHAT KIND of Challenge Is THIS???

Incumbent Democrat Mayor Bill Saffo, a Wilmington native who is controlled by his uncle who heads the Saffo Mafia in NYC, is being CHALLENGED for the first time since 2011. Mayor Saffo was unchallenged the last two election cycles since he makes MORE DRUG PROFITS for Republicans -- especially my Kenan Family -- than a Republican Mayor could -- just like Bill and Hillary Clinton made more drug profits for the Bush Family that either Bush President could -- LOL!!!

Mayor Saffo's LAST challenger (when I was homeless in Wilmington and KNEW challenger Justine LaNasa, a common tattoo-parlorist), was a JOKE, and it was Mr. LaNasa's DRUG BUDDIES who hung out on his computers in his Hardwire Tattoo on Front Street (, who taunted me up and down Wilmington Streets claiming I had MOLESTED their young sons -- but REFUSING to have me prosecuted, because THAT would have proven they were just GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS!!!

Justin LaNasa

Image of Todd Zola used by Port City Daily, shows him KEMPT, while WECT 6 (Wilmington's NBC affiliate), chose to IMMEDIATELY try to trash the new candidate, WECT has LONG supported the Christian Drug Mafia, and in fact, it was a top WECT producer, who on Front street across from the main Port City Java, told me in summer 2015, that the Wilmington Media had had a MEETING overe what to do about Scott Kenan's return, and decided that NONE OF THEM would mention me in the news until ANOTHER one of them did. Something sort of like this, I suppose:

What they all forget is that both WECT and WWAY-3 (the ABC affiliate, the network that my friend Jeanne Wolf now mostly works with) BOTH broadcast statements from me while I protested with OCCUPY in 2011, so they ALREADY HAVE!!! 

My dealing with Jeanne Wolf while I worked for Tennessee Williams:

And her assistant is STILL trying to find the password to unlock the segments of Jeanne's Award Winning Film that she made of that day in 1982, "The Donsinger Women and Their Handman Jack"Jack was originally base on me, but by that reading no longer seemed to be about me -- but I'd like to SEE, now, if that is so.

Tennessee's last full-length play's major character Mac, a tall, silent, gay, observing black guy -- married to Babe, the wealthiest woman on earth -- was also based on me, and Babe was based on "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, eventually McNamara, who had LEARNED how to act like the wealthiest woman on earth by OBSERVING Frank Hawkins Kenan and James Graham Kenan and their families, because the two Kenan brothers and their broods were BEST FRIENDS with Kate's parents when she grew p in Atlanta, and BEFORE Frank moved his family to Durham.

Texas Kate in 1979, flanked my Tennessee Williams and his sister Rose.

Frank and James Kenan in the late 1980s

Frank's widow Betty (Price) Kenan was FAR YOUNGER than he (shown center), with Thomas S. Kenan III on right, about 2011.

Now back to the candidacy of Mr. Todd Zola, this from Port City Daily:

Zola has lived in Wilmington for almost 32 years and he has big ideas for the city. Although Zola has no formal experience with politics, he decided that he should run for mayor after several people suggested he do so.
While he has no experience working in government, Zola says he knows how government works.
Zola is intent on bringing new jobs to Wilmington – be it manufacturing, film industry, or the newly expanding hemp industry, he said. If elected, Zola wants to help bring the film industry back to Wilmington by increasing the incentives offered for companies to produce television and film in the Port City. He would also like to see some major manufacturing move into Wilmington to provide better paying jobs for job seekers in the city.
Zola is also concerned with the state of several of the neighborhoods in Wilmington and he says regardless of who wins the mayoral race – the neighborhoods should be “cleaned up.”
Yes, there are neighborhoods that need to be CLEANED UP, primary the WELL-ENOUGH-TO-DO WHITE neighborhoods RACKED by Heroin and other Opioid ADDICTIONS (and some black ones too). But he makes no mention of how he would do that.

Mr. Zola has TWO Facebook pages from which I learned he is single and likes women, had an extra's role in one Reality TV Show, and from his LINKED-IN profile, he was a Front Street Brewery Shop Assistant.

Looks like he'll have an UPHILL BATTLE, but he's ALSO quite smartassy on his one Facebook page, having posted THIS:

And while I'm COOL with this -- as long it it is matched by one to JAIL Donald Trump (which I did NOT find):

Still, he did NOT post much Politics about the 2016 race, so he will need to CLARIFY many of his positions, and I will SOON contact him to see if I can get a response

To Justin LaNasa's CREDIT, he DID often respond to my blog -- even as recently as about a year ago!!!

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Friday, July 21, 2017

MORE Friday Fun -- in the NAVY, and a Letter to Polly Grunfeld Sack, General Counsel of GateHouse Media (and more)!!!

Village People Memorial Day 1979 In the Navy w Bob Hope

WHOOPS!!! I meant to post THIS NAVY TRIBUTE for our Veterans and Active Sailors (an UPDATE made by the Navy, itself):

Today, my letter to Richard ("Rick, not Dick") Dykhouse, General Counsel to Spectrum/Charter Communications in Stamford, Connecticut, was DELIVERED at 11:28 AM

* * *

Rev. Dan Lewis and his wife Susan have LEFT First Presbyterian, Statesboro, GA (site of the 1967 original printing of The Kenan Family, here:, and likely are on a LONG VACATION before Dan begins his duties at First Prez, Wilmington, first preaching on August 8, 2017.

Dan is MORE HANDSOME (and to MY taste), than my old friend, Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson, now run off to a more LIBERAL congregation (with two campuses), in Greensboro, NC:

And CLEARLY (this so funny because the Meyer side of my family all look like THEY each have a "ball on the end of their nose"), Dan Lewis LOVES his wife, cuz he's stuck a HEART-SHAPED BALL on the end of HER nose!!!

And while I DON'T want to "Lord It Over Him", Dan WILL be preaching and working under the "Six Foot Kenan Cock":

And THAT sits atop Kenan Steeple (tallest in town!!!), atop Kenan Chapel with the Kenan Stained Glass Windows and Kenan Pipe Organ:

Dan Lewis received my snail-mailed letter a week or so ago, but I MIGHT send him a NEW "Welcoming Letter". And I see that First Prez has a sign-up for a "Meal Train" to Dan and Susan's very modest house (compared to anything any of the Members would ever deign to live in). So maybe I should SIGN UP -- I'm a GREAT COOK!!!

My earlier letter

The Hannity clip is of Sean Hannity REPEATEDLY bringing up Donald Trump's being with TWO prostitutes in a Moscow Hotel and they PEED ON HIS BED -- LOL!!!

My Kenan Family with First Presbyterian were the BIGGEST FORCE causing the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -- with all the OTHER WHITE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES!!!

A joint project by two Wilmington schools resulted in the digital archiving of surviving copies of black-owned paper Wilmington Daily Record.

Scott Kenan

The Wilmington insurrection of 1898, also known as the…


Polly Grunfeld Sack
General Counsel, Senior Vice President, & Corporate Secretary
GateHouse Media, LLC
175 Sully’s Trail, 3rd Floor
Corporate Crossings Office Park
Pittsford, NY 14534

July 21, 2017

Dear Ms. Sack,

My name is Scott David Kenan of Wilmington, North Carolina, and the BEST NEWS for YOU is that my issue is NOT Legal, unlike issues I have recently brought up with General Counsel of Spectrum/Charter Communications, but MORE like what I sent this week to my old friend Jeanne Wolf of Pentacom Productions, who while for Entertainment Tonight in 1982, interviewed my boss Tennessee Williams and filmed his reading a short story – all of which she made into an Award-Winning film.

I had wanted to send this to a NEWS executive, but only YOUR email address is listed on your website.

This letter will be more ENTERTAINING, but also might be something you should forward to others in your company – or even have someone like your reporter Kevin Maurer, based here in Wilmington, interview me for a FUN PIECE – Kevin ALREADY having interviewed me by phone from his City Desk at the Wilmington Star News in several phone calls to me in Puerto Vallarta, where I was in Political Exile most of five years by help of Army Col. Dottie Newman, the retired Chief Protocol Officer to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

You see, Kevin works for the CIA (you cannot leave it – EVER), and so do I. This might not be apparent, but it is the contract I signed – ostensibly to sell $7 Billion USD in Mexican Real Estate to Hollywood types (because I knew so many celebrities while working for Tennessee Williams 1981 – 82):

Those other two letters (or description thereof):

But the FACT IS I know LOTS of the truth behind my father’s Kenan Family (that controls Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, Bank of America,, the Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church, Republican Party, and Clinton Democrats – and my mother’s Meyer side (I was raised with Swastikas on dinner plates, my parents set up the Christian Drug Mafias in Wilmington and Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and others), that is CLASSIFIED, but since I got it ONLY by observing my family, I have EVERY RIGHT TO KNOW IT, and to share it!!!

Now “truth be told”, I have LONG had a major crush on Kevin Maurer (and he has a VERY sexy-to-me voice on the phone), he being even more handsome than the YOUNG Kevin Costner. BUT, being 66 years old now – and lording over “everyone” at 6’ 11” tall – I know how to CONTROL MY URGES since I understand Kevin to be married to an actual FEMALE, and he has three children, and my NEW policy is that I DON’T bark up unwelcoming TREES (or shrubs, as nearly everyone but me is).

And speaking of short little bushes, my last overnight date was with Bill Toups, a distant cousin to the Presidents Bush, and we were up all-night LAUGHING over the crimes our families have committed over the decades.

Here is what happened when Donald Trump came to Kenansville, NC:

I hope you or someone in your org thinks this is a GREAT IDEA (and Kevin has a good sense of humor), and he is dispatched to debrief me for a swell article!!! It will be GREAT PRACTICE for me in RESTRAINING my horny old self, as well. 

And let’s FACE IT, Kevin and I are STILL STANDING (after MUCH Political Drama), so he and I should raise a TOAST, in brotherly camaraderie, to our being smart enough not to be KILLED by Police or the CIA or just plain old-fashioned Drug Mafia – as so many of my friends have succumbed to.

All best, and I hope I can have some FUN with GateHouse Media!!!

Scott D. Kenan
Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

And my Deputies: