Sunday, September 24, 2017

Just Released TODAY -- and YOU Can Buy It Too!!! / My Kenan Family REMOVED Homosexuality as a Mental Illness (1973) -- What Did YOU Do Today??? / Some Kenan Family Traditions:

That's how we GROW and EVOLVE!!!

Of course my FAVE image of Team Kenan is THIS:

From, which I like to pair with this:

And REMEMBER, they were TWO descendants of the THREE Kenan Brothers who landed on the banks of the Cape Fear River in the 1730s, who NOT bearing the Kenan surname were the HEAD of the American Psychiatric Association, and the shrink who collated all the studies to MAKE the decision, then REMOVED HOMOSEXUALITY from the DSM (catalog of all Mental Illnesses), in 1973.

William Rand Kenan, Jr. (1872 - 1965), whose charming but childless, horsey wife died early, and Mr. Kenan moved in with his lifelong male secretary, Schuyler Beatty, for the rest of his life.

Wrong Beatty

Cindy Beatty's under-wired lacey black bra (also left on my lawn that morning), graced EVERY Puerto Vallarta apartment or house wall that I rented (a kind of a TROPHY to MAMMARIES, no???)

Will Kenan HATED Wilmington, NC because of the ignorance and small-minded, petty hatreds of the White Society he came from here, and only mentioned the city in a sentence or two in his autobiography. However, he gave Kenan Memorial Fountain to the City of Wilmington:

And Will Kenan ALSO built Carolina Apartments, which was the most technologically advanced building in all of North Carolina when it opened in 1905 as a Hotel, hosting Royalty and Heads of State.

It is HARDLY that now under George Cutter's many years of allowing it to DETERIORATE. Trust me, I've LIVED THERE two years ago, and it was INFESTED with Narco-Traffickers and CRACK WHORES!!!

But HERE is William R. Kenan's legacy -- the GREATEST PART by far of Kenan Family support of Higher Education, and more and more, also the Arts:

Will's father, William R. Kenan, Sr. (seen here at 4 o'clock with psychotic eyes), took the ONLY Confederate shot at Lincoln in Washington, DC, missing, and LATER with First Presbyterian Church of Wilmington where he was then an Elder, was GREATEST CAUSE of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898:

And THAT is what CHRISTIANITY has given Wilmington -- and also, now, RAMPANT HARD-DRUG ADDICTIONS.


That I Have Become FAR TOO NICE TO CHRISTIANS Became MORE than Apparent, Yesterday, at Wilmington's Street Arts Festival!!!

The only thing more absurd than these two leaders is thinking that prayer helps (other than to comfort the superstitious who think it helps). Christians have been praying up a STORM for about 40 years now, and the USA has gone from world LEADER to pathetic confused bully-child in that time.
Oh Lord, be with us...grant us thy peace.

President Donald Trump calls North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a "Rocket Man." Kim calls Trump a "dotard." It would be funny if they both didn't control nuclear…
Scott Kenan How Christians pray (since they believe that Jesus forgives their sins BEFORE they commit them):

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

IMPORTANT TO ME, because Morgan Freeman is VOCALIZING the message of Rob Reiner and David Frum -- and their gathering allies -- and Friday, they GOT MY PHYSICAL LETTER!!!:

“Please RETWEET Morgan Freeman's message about Russian involvement in our election This is an extremely…
Sandra Beckham
2 hrs
“Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers.”

― Marshall McLuhan

“The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free.”

Taking a knee is not one of them.

The ABSOLUTE DISRESPECT of the UNC Chapel Hill Tar Heels -- that school co-founded and now controlled by my Kenan Family that worships Silent Sam, Vladimir Putin, and put Donald Trump into power to profit from development of Russia's Oil -- Kenans controlling Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, Republican Party, and Clinton Democrats.

And Narco-Trafficking with ALL of them -- and most Christian Churches.

And from Brandy Rae Gambill: "I'm laughing so hard at Ted Cruz. He loves America Most! 😂You have to laugh I guess!"

Deborah Evans
16 hrs
During the singing of the U.S. national anthem ... (GOP Debate December 2015) ...

So what happened yesterday, is that a one-day Arts Festival was held on about five blocks of Front Street -- and a juried part of it was in the Hannah Block old USO building, now a community gathering place. I went there first, and viewed all those pieces in the competition, talking to many people -- not a SINGLE ONE OF THEM coming to the defense of "Christians", especially in Wilmington where they RULE THE NARCO-TRAFFICKING with their big churches on every corner (almost, but many are closing as congregants dwindle).

I had a somewhat in-depth discussion with the musician when she took a break -- and she HUGGED ME and offered me her HOPE that I am successful in exposing the Crimes of the Kenan Family, of Wilmington (and other) churches, and of Mayor Bill Saffo, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous (a daily CRACK smoker), and District Attorneys Benjamin R. David and his identical twin brother, Jon David (both of them "COCAINE AND PUSSY" lovers, but Ben David also has had boyfriends -- and is an Elder at First Presbyterian Church).

Ben David frequently "minces" his words in public.

And then bouyed by so many -- NONE of them having heard of me or this blog before -- SALUTING MY EFFORTS and saying that THEY came from Christianity too and now see it as the DEVIL'S WORK, I relaxed and in the dozens of conversations I had with people, I only brought Politics up half the time.

ONLY one woman defended any thing or one Christian, she thinking Pope Francis is FAR BETTER than previous Popes, but as I pointed out to her, in Latin America, they ALL KNOW that years ago, Francis was the TOP CATHOLIC PRIEST then BISHOP supporting the CIA Narco-Traffickers and DEATH SQUADS in his native Argentina -- the reason few Americans know that is we DON'T RESPECT Latin America enough to read any news about it.

Steve Bannon works intimately with Pope Francis and the Roman Curia to install the Catholic Swastika in place of the US Constitution, and some of his TOP VATICAN ADVISERS have been indicted on CHILD-MOLESTATION CRIMES, while Francis has quietly excused many priests who molested children.

And Donald Trump KNOWS this from Francis is ONLY FOR SHOW!!!

And while I know ALL CHRISTIANS can be suckered into believing ANYTHING -- since the idea that a fine Jewish Prophet they call Jesus Christ is literally the "Son of God" and is gonna come back and RESCUE THEM as the world is consumed in ABSOLUTE CONFLAGRATION, is why NONE of them can be trusted -- and ALL OF THEM WORK TO BRING ON NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST (although many are too stupid to study their religion or the Bible to see this is what they support).

But some of them at least don't support Trump and his Racist/Narco-Trafficking ways, so I GIVE THOSE CHRISTIANS CREDIT (we need their votes, no???)!!!

And every time I would say, "There ARE some good Christians, though," others would PIPE RIGHT UP and say THEY had never met a good Christian, and NO ONE disagreed, everyone smiling.

And this was mostly White Men and Women near my age (66), well-dressed, and clearly affluent.

So YES, Wilmingtonians are WAKING UP IN DROVES and the Political Class and their NARCO-TRAFFICKING POLITICIANS (the Republicans also being WHITE SUPREMACISTS), are gonna have some FUN as this fall's election season kicks off just about now.

Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo is being challenged by a HALF-WIT, only, Independent Todd Zola -- who did not BOTHER going to the discussion of issues also at the Hannah Block USO Center earlier this week -- that ALL OTHER candidates for Mayor and City Council DID show up for -- LOL!!!