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In Memorium: Barbara Sinatra, Which Unconventionally Leads to an Email I Just Received from a Young-Pup Black Guy -- and Friend to Congressman Joe Kennedy III:

I doubt anyone or ones has/have been more IMPORTANT to my current Political Fight (after Tennessee Williams and Jackie Kennedy Onassis), than the various and varied -- politically and religiously -- Heirs of Frank Sinatra!!! 

And I NEVER had any kind of contact with Barbara Sinatra, unlike Patricia (who sold control of their Bank of America to my wealthy Kenan relatives), her son Danny, who helped me out of a BIG JAM when Wilmington Judge Sandra Ray Criner, now just Sandra Ray, allowed my then roommate Brenda McKnight and her CRACK dealer Gerald Austin Wynn to first COMMIT ME to The Oaks Mental Ward on false allegations, and then get a Restraining Order (ex parte), against me -- DESPITE Brenda and Gerald being NOT present and Judge Sandra Ray DISMISSED it, but ten minutes laterFORCED ME BACK TO COURT UNCONSTITUTIONALLY and re-opened it as if she had never dismissed it.

Danny Sinatra, his wife Phoebe Dollar, and their daughter, when I knew them in Wilmington 2011 - 12.

Sorry, I'm still ANGRY at the GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS of WILMINGTON who HATE the US Constitution and ONLY live for DRUG MAFIA PROFITS!!!

I've also stopped by Frank Sinatra, Jr.'s (Pancho Sinatra's), ranch in Texas twice, but he was out of town, and written to Nancy Sinatra.

Barbara Sinatra, philanthropist and wife of the legendary singer Frank Sinatra, died on Tuesday at 90 years old.

Of course I ALSO knew Nancy Reagan and her husband

Scott Kenan Jo Powell : I got this DIRECTLY from Patrick Lawford, whom I knew, and Kitty Kelly's book (and others)http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/.../nancy-reagan-queen-of...


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I've ALSO known Frank Sinatra's Palm Springs DENTIST, Frank Meyer, DDS, who was in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group 2010 - 2014, and while NOW on his FIFTH SERIAL WIFE, previously had married Frank's old girlfriend, whose TEETH he had fixed:

Frank Meyer like to SHOW IT OFF!!!

And it was Frank Meyer and NRA (National Rifle Association of the USA), OFFICIAL, Charles Quigley (only on his THIRD Christian wife), who presented me with a copy of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and the New Testament, telling me I had to CHOOSE, as they are INCOMPATIBLE:

Charles Quigley

And I honestly said I already HAD more than one copy of BOTH, so they could keep them, and THUS, I was KICKED OUT of the Writers Group by those (and other), RABID CHRISTIANS.

Later, they worked with the CIA to murder our LEADERColin Stuart Hamiltonretired star of BBC radio and TV, who also was gay -- and ONLY Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments here in Wilmington KNEW all the details of Colin's murder in Puerto Vallarta, summer 2015, because SHE TOO is part of it, the Mormon Division, and her BROTHER is a top CIA Narco-Trafficker on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force!!!:

Colin in ginger hair, and Stanley Winborne III, born in Wilmington, NC, whose family controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, whose grandfather was the Ambassador to China, and whose son (whom he does NOT get along with), was 2nd in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan, and US Special Ops CONFIRMED TO ME that Stanley's son shipped all the Heroin back to the USA on Air Force planes.

My boss at Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, GA (now shut down due to this blog), distributed it from Maine to Florida -- but especially via the Drug Mafia in Stone Mountain/Atlanta, and in Wilmington, North Carolina to Christian Churches and Clergy, and Politicians of BOTH PARTIES, WHY my friend Evan Fish was MURDERED for knowing too much by Wilmington Police on September 3, 2011:

Well, my stories are ALWAYS so entangled, but the MOST important things to remember about Frank Sinatra:


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Thank you for this -- it's as if it were written just for 6' 11" gay ME (and when Tennessee Williams based a character in a play on me, I was BLACK -- HA!!!). I not only knew a lot of Kennedys when I worked for Tennessee Williams, but in 2011, on the banks of the Cape Fear River here in Wilmington, NC, I met Frank Sinatra's fave niece, Patricia (and later became good friends with her son Danny Sinatra), who told me how SHE had engineered selling their Bank of America to my wealthy Kenan relatives -- and how Joe Kennedy the First got the Sinatras to pressure others to stuff ballot boxes in Chicago in 1960 (unbeknownst to JFK -- and THANK GOD they did it!!!), but GW Bush stole it from Al Gore in 2000, so Karma is now SERVED!!!

Also, if was from Kitty Kelly (by reading her), and Patrick Lawford that I got confirmation that Nancy Reagan LOVED Frank Sinatra BEST -- and did him under the Oval Office Desk. My MOST HIT blog posting of all time -- by FAR: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2010/02/nancy-reagan-queen-of-holly-wood-blow.html

I'll mention this letter when I next do an unconventional blog posting on today's death of Frank Sinatra's widow, Barbara, whom I was never in contact with. My blog remains: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com.

Carry ON!!!


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I'll admit it, I took the good room.

When Joe Kennedy and I became suite-mates at Stanford University, I got there first.  And I snagged the bigger room.  In my defense, I've got about a foot on Joe. It seemed only fair!

Don't worry, he hasn't let me live that down to this day.

Room disputes aside, he and I were an admittedly odd couple from the start. He was a freckled kid from Boston studying engineering and playing for the lacrosse team. I was an African-American basketball player from California, majoring in communications and clocking in around seven feet tall.

We became friends nonetheless. He got to know my strange addiction to Cran-Grape Juice and my deep appreciation for episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (not ashamed). I got to know his love of this mythical place called Cape Cod and even to grudgingly accept the fact that lacrosse might be a “real” sport.

And to my complete surprise, that skinny white kid with his messy mop of red hair became like a big brother to me; to all of our friends. He took care of us. He had our backs. If you were ever in trouble, he didn't ask why or how, he just said -- "what do you need?"

That defines Joe Kennedy for me more than anything else; never worried about impressing people or playing it cool, just trying to do good for the people he cares about.

In 2013, I watched Joe march in the Boston Pride Parade with outgoing Congressman Barney Frank. As many of you know, it was a moment that stuck with me. A moment that helped me find the courage to come out and – one year later – to proudly march alongside Joe and Congressman Frank in that very same parade.

The Joe I know showed me it was ok to let my guard down, whether we were watching TV in a Stanford dorm room or marching with thousands of Bostonians through a sea of rainbow confetti.

When it comes to friendship, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Jason Collins


Kenan, Cameron, then Trask Families Rated MOST EVIL INFLUENCE in Wilmington, NC -- in That Order by Survey after Survey!!!

Former NC House Representative Democrat Susi Hamilton (now on Gov. Cooper's Cabinet), with her ALLY Republican Thom Goolsby, now DISGRACED and FORCED TO RESIGN from the NC Senate, at her side.

Thom Goolsby was APPOINTED then to the Board of the UNC System by the Kenans who control it, so that HE then ran off the System Head to make room for George W. Bush's TOP DOMESTIC ADVISER, Margaret Spellings, to REDUCE minority students in the UNC System:

Margaret Spellings on left.

I FIRST had hoped to meet then Rep. Susi Hamilton at the late fall 2015 Democrat Unity Dinner in the Atlantic Coast Line Center, but only saw her acting like a junior-high school girl, head down and bee-lining toward some other woman who also was all a-giggle as immature girls all did back in adolescence. I did NOT have a favorable impression of that gal!!!

This was the SAME dinner where I spoke at length with Sheriff Ed McMahon (the only time I've seen him since my return from Exile in Mexico two years ago), and he LOVED that I said I'm into HEALINGS not PUNISHMENTS (some exceptions apply)

And at the TIME, Ed's being with Rev. Robert Campbell of New Beginnings Christian Church for the first couple of minutes of that -- and Rev. Campbell looking at me like I were SATAN -- meant little -- until I found out how ANTI-JESUS that congregation is, and how they PROTECT narco-trafficking and whores-running.

Not only did Rev. Campbell duck into a special room for VIPs who CONTROL Wilmington Democrats, but his clear friendship with Sheriff McMahon speaks VOLUMES about Ed's own corruption.

Pastor Robert Campbell

Jesus had NO TIME for "First Ladies" among his disciples, the "Twelve Apostles". The Bible makes CLEAR that Jesus INSISTED that anyone wanting to follow him had to LEAVE THEIR WIVES, CHILDREN, and GIRLFRIENDS BEHIND!!!

This was NOT because women are fundamentally unworthy -- but because back THEN, nearly no men OR women were evolved like Jesus, so guys lived for sexual adventure and gals lived to tie a man down and get all his money -- and having women travel with Jesus and the Apostles would have had them FIGHTING OVER MONEY, constantly -- the women needing ti to feed and clothe the children and their "fancy-assed" selves.

First Lady Campbell has been DRESSED DOWN in recent weeks -- LOL!!!

But BACK to Susi Hamilton, she lives (or did -- I think she's selling the house and moving to Raleigh for her job), on Nun Street, within a BLOCK of one of the LARGEST Narco-Trafficking properties in Wilmington (now shut down and boarded up):

The William Rand Kenan (Sr.) House at 110 Nun Street was run by the owner's daughter, Anna Berry, who brought FALSE CHARGES against me with help of Wilmington Police in 2011.

Anna -- as she promised me she would do -- RAN OFF actress Linda Lavin and her husband Steve Bakunas -- and then Judge Lindsey McKee (then styled "Lindsey Luther"), bought Linda Lavin's house.

Now the FACT that Susi Hamilton lived WITHIN A BLOCK of one of the MOST NOTORIOUS Drug-Gang Houses, where drugs were CONSTANTLY bought and sold for YEARS -- and NEVER got authorities to shut it down -- PROVES that Susi was in the POCKET for the Drug Mafia -- actually led by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan in Chapel Hill and Durham, Tom Kenan running the Republicans like his Dad, Frank Hawkins Kenan -- the SAINTED WHITE SUPREMACIST of North Carolina (First Presbyterian has a bass relief of the suffering Jesus's Head with crown of thorns in Kenan Chapel DEDICATED to Frank Kenan -- AGAINST Presbyterian Rules about such images!!!), and Betty gives HER donations to Democrats!!!

Also, Gov. Cooper was NC Attorney General for TEN YEARS before elected Governor -- and NEVER cracked down on the Kenan-run Drug Mafia in North Carolina.

AND, it is TRASK LAND CO. -- represented by lawyer Susi Hamilton, the NC Secretary of Natural and Cultural Resources (https://www.ncdcr.gov/about/leadership/susi-h-hamilton), that GOT WILMINGTON CITY APPROVAL for this INSANE DEVELOPMENT:

I KNOW that no one wants to THINK about brain-deficient Wilmington Mayoral Candidate Todd Zola becoming Mayor -- he hasn't even the sense to mount a campaign, and says people should come to HIM, if they want to know all his good ideas, BUT Wilmingtonians are FED UP with the Christian Drug Mafia running everything for its own profits, and the FEDS are investigating our Politicians and Churches now INTENSELY.


Likely before the fall election.


I THINK the County Planning Board ALSO has to approve this Trask/Hamilton land deal -- and I recently read they won't even TAKE IT UP AGAIN -- until AFTER the November election.

Of course Life has no meaning -- meaning is what WE bring to Life by how we LIVE IT!!! 

And Donald Trump a GREAT ENTERTAINER!!!

Sandra Beckham
22 hrs
“The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live -- moreover, the only one.” 

― Emil M. Cioran