Monday, May 19, 2014

Email to Drew Griffin of CNN: My NAZI Mother with Help of a VA Hospital Murdered Her Brother -- are VA Hospitals Murdering OTHERS, TOO???

>>> JUST IN: I tried to send via CNN's contact form, and after three tries and making sure I filled all out correctly, I got the SAME MESSAGE I had gotten a year and a half ago. I thought the CIA would let this go through today, but I was wrong!!!

BUT, my email list has the personal email addresses of several CNN people -- whom I've asked to forward this to Drew Griffin.


This info is primarily for Drew Griffin regarding the VA Hospitals scandal – but it is of a far WORSE nature. My name is Scott David Kenan, related to the Kenans who founded UNC Chapel Hill and inherited Henry Flagler’s as well as Frank Hawkins’ (put the Phoenix in Atlanta!!!) fortunes. I was also the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams 1981 - 82, and through him got to know most of JFK’s generation of Kennedys (including Jackie Kennedy Onassis who gave Tennessee privileged info concerning who would murder Tennessee and why, at Jean Stein’s and George Plimpton’s party on January 11, 1982), back then -- and their spouses, and also President and Mrs. Reagan. In 2011, I chance-met Frank Sinatra’s favorite niece, Patricia Sinatra of either Riverside or Ontario, CA, who told me the details of how she had been in charge of selling controlling interest in then BankAmerica to Kenan-owned NationsBank – as well as that the Sinatras, at Joe Kennedy’s request, pressured the Gambino Family into stuffing the ballot boxes in Chicago to steal the election from Nixon – and thank GOD they did, no???

After many attempts on my life in Stone Mountain, GA in 2010, then, again after half a year in Mexico, more attempts in 2011 and 12 in Wilmington, NC (as well as being jailed five times on eight false charges – now all dropped for no evidence, and two mental hospital commitments that the doctor released me from quickly, both times saying I was not committable), I now live in Puerto Vallarta and give much evidence against the CIA narco-traffickers to Mexican Army and Marines Officers. I no longer trust governments.

You see, my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now 91 but of firm mind, and living in Raleigh, NC, raised us with swastikas on dinner plates and daily beatings. In 1968 – 1970, we lived across the street from my parents’ closest friends, Coach Lou Holtz and his wife Beth. Lou advanced my mother’s NAZI agenda so much that she got him his lifelong dream – the job coaching at Notre Dame. My mother also got her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS the job as official dentist to the Fighting Irish – he already living and practicing dentistry in South Bend. Today, Lou Holtz is John Boehner’s closest personal friend and co-strategist, and in fact, I caught Mom on secured communications with Holtz et al at the exact time President Obama negotiated the deal to reopen US Government last fall. It was Jewish business leaders in Atlanta in 1990, who first told me that my mother was America’s top NAZI.

But to the VA Hospitals: In the late 1970s, Uncle Bob (R.J. Meyer, DDS), allowed my cousin Janet, to marry a Jew, Mr. Kim Opperman, now of Puerto Rico after their divorce years ago, Jan now being married to a Chicago American Airlines pilot surnamed Larsen (Jan a flight attendant with American in Chicago), and Jan told me my parents boycotted the wedding because Kim was a Jew – and Uncle Bob told me that as well.

Soon, Mom pulled stunts so that all Uncle Bob’s considerable real estate and other assets in South Bend were caused to be taken from him, and he ended up living in Dothan, Alabama with his on-again-off-again wife (still alive), Patricia Meyer, nee Hahn, originally from South Bend. Having no money, he was forced to use a VA Hospital in Lower Mississippi, and Mom traveled to that hospital several times per year to be sure the doctors followed her orders, after he was diagnosed “Mono-Polar” (one end of a pole would be a point, so nonsensical), and given DOUBLE STRENGTH LITHIUM CARBONATE, to achieve OVER a Lithium blood level of 1.5.

For Bipolar, which Mom forced doctors to diagnose me in 1978, the therapeutic level is 0.7 – 1.0, and I was on Lithium in that range for most of 31 years until 2009, when a doctor said I had no symptoms of Bipolar. For me, it was a sort of chemical lobotomy, slowing my thinking and making connecting relationships between events almost impossible – and it made me not care.

In any case, I possess hand-written notes by my mother from 1978, including that 1.5 Lithium Level can produce “Chemical Diabetes”, which is what Uncle Bob caught and died from (about 2006 – I can’t even google up an obit, now), very painfully and slowly, his extremities serially removed due to the disease.

Having been through a lot, I am afraid of nothing – including being killed – as I attempt to set the record straight on a number of issues. My Mexican cell can be dialed from the USA: +011-52-1 (322) XXX-XXXX, although many report getting a recording that my number does not exist and I have trouble calling the USA frequently.

I have two blogs that mirror each other (due to a strange copyright issue), but the longest running (since 2008), is There are over 2,200 essay-length postings there, and if you google my name in quotes and any other name or concept, you can find what I’ve had to say – more recent are more clear, and possibly corrected. For two years, I have emailed each blog posting to 500 contacts, who can be seen here, although it is always changing: .

Thank you, and I hope this is helpful!!!

Scott David Kenan

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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